OTA 0.14 where to find?

I have seen that some GS290 Users have 0.14 as OTA.

The install doc already provides recovery-e-0.14-q-2021012698290-dev-GS290.img. The OS Image it self is still 0.13.

Am I missing something or why dont I get OTA notification in systemupdates?


Sorry but im impatient :smiley:

Hi @CochainComplex as you had raised this issue on gitlab the team is working on the resolution…you can track the progress here

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Ok thx for your answer. maybe I was a bit unstrucured in my question. sry :slight_smile:

I just want to know if OTA Update is already available as system update in the menu system update and my phone is not showing it.
Or if you need to do something else to get the OTA notification?

Where can I get IMG-e-0.14-q-2021012698290-dev-GS290.? In this thread they are talking about it Gigaset GS290 Flash Problem

My impatient is not related to the both mentioned issues above. The Dev’s should take as much time as they need for it.
I just see that people have 0.14 buids wether as OTA or as image and I don’t know where I can find them.


The update is still not offered via the OTA. Is there a manipulation to be done or is it normal and you just have to wait?

Thank you.

There was an issue with the GS290 which the team is working on resolving. Not sure the fix has gone in as yet. Will check and update.

any news on 0.14 for Gigaset?

Support told me it should be available next week, see also

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Since there is a limit of three replies per topic for me at the moment, I am posting my update here:

It is all a bit confusing.

I asked support, why it still shows 0.13 as current version and with 0.13.1 in the pipeline. This is their response:

the “0.13.1” update was just an update of the recovery mode, not of /e/OS, which is why /e/OS is still on 0.13 despite of the fact the update was called “0.13.1”.

Now when I get into recovery mode, it shows version 0.14, but wasn’t this officially skipped?! Also, a friend of mine bought a Fairphone with preinstalled /e/OS 0.14.

Anyway, I just hope the new update shows up within this week and this gets fixed for good, also for the future. I suppose it is still live and learn. :slight_smile:

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Thx for the replies - OTA 0.15 had appeared some days ago. Now im on 0.15 it is faster and more responsive. but echo bugs still there.

Hello, my phone still does not offer the OTA update. how did you manage to do it ? I’m still in 0,131