PayPal app no longer working

Since the end of March update, PayPal app no longer works for me.

Does anyone have the latest version of PayPal working on e/os?

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Mine works fine on OnePlus 7 Pro with /e/ OS 0.23’ March Update, although I’ve put it inside Shelter (from F-Droid).

My Samsung S9 Plus is still on v0.22. PayPal started immediately crashing after PayPal updated the app end of March and it still crashed in their latest update (5th April).

Opps, missed this thread (sorry) -

Same for me - doesn,'t work anymore since end of march (0.21-r)

Anyone tried the latest release - 8/4/2022?

It didn’t work for me on the previous build of /e/, but my OnePlus 9Pro got an update dated 4/5 last night. May try it this weekend.

PayPal dosen’t work after update v0.23 on my Fairphone 3

I reported the issue in the backlog: