Per contact ringtone

I want to hear from the ringtone whether it’s my mum or my best friend who is calling me. Seems like a very basic feature, but I could not find any way to give a contact an individual ringtone.

Use the 3-dot menu from a contact details.


Thanks, there it is. However, it does not seem possible to choose any mp3 file. In what format are custom ringtones expected? When I scroll down the list of ringtones, I choose “add ringtone” and choose an mp3 file from my music collection, the radio button switches to “without ringtone”. I thought mp3 is the most compatible music format ever.

I see that my ringtones are .wav + .ogg.

Mp3 works for me on 1.1 R.
Maybe some restrictions with the bitrate, encoding, or length ?
Also, file has to be in internal storage.

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Weird. It does not seem to be a question of audio format. I also tried an ogg file. The phone is able to play all files that I tried, both with VLC and with the integrated music player. Maybe I am just too dumb to press the right buttons? Here is what I click at:

My phone is a Teracube 2e.

Ah, … I think there is one more step. At that point in English I see “None”. I have added the ringtone to the list, in alphabetical order, but I have not actually attributed it to the contact yet. I have to now scroll down the list and select the new ringtone for this contact.


Thank you so much! This is the solution.

Apparently, what the “add ringtone” functionality does is copying the audio file into the folder “Ringtones” in your home directory. Music files in this directory are then listed in the ringtone list (additionally to some system ringtones). They are sorted alphabetically by their ID3 title, not by their filename! This can make things even more confusing.

One could open a GitLab issue to ask devs to have the newly added file to be selected by default :wink:

I finally found time to do that (and to report other issues as well). However, the registration process does not work.

Email is not allowed for sign-up. Please use your regular email address. Check with your administrator.

My mail address is That is a regular email address and there is nothing wrong with it. I won’t sign up for gmail.

No need for that at all! :slight_smile:

I think you found

Getting an error message in new ID creation on /e/OS Gitlab?

If I am correct this is a known issue explained further down