Persistent application storage which survives de-installation of an app?


is there some sort of persistent storage of appllication related data which is not removed when the app is uninstalled or its data is purged? I am asking because of the following observation:

I used to have the Minetest application installed on my FairPhone2 with /e/. That application has an icon which usually looks like this: grafik (icon taken from a screenshot of the app in F-Droid) and indeed did so within a folder on my home screen for several months.

Then spontaneously, it changed to grafik: I don’t mean the different background (which is expected because the previous screen shot was not taken from my home screen); but note that the logo is enlarged and only the upper left portion is visible. I cannot tell the exact occasion in which the logo changed, but I believe it was related to an attempt to start the application (it always fails during its initialization, but that’s probably a different issue).

I have since uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times. Also wiped its cache and data. Without getting the original logo back.

Is there something else (besides factory reset :wink: ) which I should try?

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@Manoj This post was not intended as feature proposal. I was wondering whether there actually is some persistent storage which could explain the observed behavior.

However, I now suspect that the issue is related to Random reset of ALL icons order. Happening several times (#4286) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab and Frequent crashes of Bliss Launcher (logcat available) (#4377) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab, so its probably not storage related to the MineTest app but instead some corruption in the data associated with the Bliss launcher.

some corruption in the data associated with the Bliss launcher.

Seems possible that certain Bliss problems might start with “wrong” apps mixed together in folders? Did you clear the Bliss Launcher cache already? (or even data too?)

Did you clear the Bliss Launcher cache already? (or even data too?)

I believe, I cleared the Bliss cache (apparently without effect). After clearing Bliss’s data, the MineTest icon went back to normal – at the price of losing the arrangement of the icons.

Sorry to hear that you lost your arrangement of icons. You did this in the past, or at my suggestion? Now you are back to a slightly more common occourance :slight_smile:

Restarting your device should cause the app drawer to re-detect the installed apps and the icon should disappear.

If still there it should be available to uninstall in the usual way. (Perhaps you knew all this already.)

Does some ghost of Minetest still remain in Settings > Apps and notifications?

You did this in the past, or at my suggestion?

Don’t worry. It had been in response to #4377 which had lead to more or less randomly re-arranged icons (still with the strange MineTest icon). As I had already been suspecting the Bliss launcher as some potential source of the look of the icon, I decided that it would not hurt clearing the Bliss data now that the icons had to be re-organized anyway.

With respect to uninstalling / restarting: in fact, I uninstalled and reinstalled MineTest several times before clearing Bliss data (also with several reboots at least during one of the periods of uninstalled MineTest). The icon was always strange after I re-installed MineTest. As far as I remember, there was no “ghost” entry in “Settings > Apps…”

Sorry to be dim, I am not in the slightest worried! (I imagine Bliss does not like “too many” folders, that is a Bliss problem) but what is the situation now?

but what is the situation now?

I frequently see Bliss crashing – typically when navigating to the home screen (no idea whether the crash log in the above gitlab issue can help track down the root cause). However, I have not noticed corruption or spontaneous re-arrangement of icons for about two weeks.

What is the situation with the OP “issue” Minetest icon?

What is the situation with the OP “issue” Minetest icon?

Maybe I don’t understand correctly. Do you need more information than in my above post from some 4 hours ago? After clearing Bliss data, all icons look normal, and despite several crashes I have not yet encountered new corruption of icons.

To avoid persistent storage of an uninstalled app,
reinstall it if needed, go to settings -->applications -->your apps -->storage, then, delete cache, delete data, before removing the app from this place (settings–>applications–>your app), not from the launcher interface

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@piero up to now, I thought that uninstalling an app would also purge caches and other data associated with the app. But even if that is not true, I am pretty sure that at least in one case, I explicitly deleted cache and data before uninstalling MineTest.

As described above, the persistent disturbance of the logo was likely caused by something which went wrong in the Bliss app rather than MineTest.