Phone screen flashing on and off with static, cannot unlock or use. software issue?


randomly my FP3 stopped working properly
when you press the power button the screen flickers on/off a few times a second between a blank, lit screen, a screen full of static and what it usually shows when working properly.
the phone can still be interacted with during the brief flashes to the normal screen but it does not give enough time to unlock the phone and input my passcode

  • i have tried turning off and on again several times (did not work)
  • i happen to have a full set of replacement components so i installed a new screen, battery, top and bottom module, speaker and camera (did not work)
  • when i turn the phone back on the fairphone logo is displayed solidly without flickering but as soon as the e os loading screen appears the flickering begins
  • if i get the phone into recovery mode it just displays a blank but lit screen (as if i was looking at a fullscreen black image) but the usual recovery mode controls still work. i just can’t see the normal UI
  • I accidently got the phone into fastboot mode from recovery mode and everything displayed fine until i used that mode to boot the phone again (same problem occured)
  • i have followed the guidance in full here: but the update gets stuck at 47% every time and then cancels itself after a few minutes

this appears to be a software problem unless it has to do with the hardware underneath the big metallic strip that can only be removed using a very small hexhead screwdriver once you remove the screen with the packaged screwdriver

anyone have any idea what is wrong?
what is underneath that metallic strip? is it worth me finding a hexhead small enough to remove that and check underneath?


when I read fp3 + screen + static I remember this thread about a loose screen connector - Screen shows random noise ~ snow (after fall)

you already exchanged a lot of parts and should’ve fixed a loose connector as side effect and you have no issues during early device startup and in fastboot.

Did you scavenge the Fairphone forums for your symptoms already? a video demo is a good idea if you have a secondary device to record it.

(the 47% seems fine to me, that is a common display of fastboot actually finishing the partition write)


thanks for the response
good to know about the 47% thing

i did check elsewhere for similar issues beforehand

phone randomly started working again tho

phone broke again
thing i did last time doesnt work

what’s under the long metallic strip behind the screen thats secured by the small hex bolts?

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