Phone - screen goes black when green 'call' button is pressed

Hello. First post here - I purchased a Gigaset phone recently with /e/ pre-installed.

I think I might have accidentally changed something in Settings - but now, when making phone calls, when I hit the green ‘call’ button, the screen goes black. I can only get the screen to light up again if I run my finger down the screen from the top of the screen.

It only started doing this a few days ago, and I have used the phone for a couple of weeks now.

Can anyone help with my query?

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This must be a setting indeed. A friend has the same on his fairphone. It’s probably in display settings. If I find something, I keep you posted.

Thank you / merci beaucoup / Vielen Dank / Dank U Wel :slight_smile:

I must’ve changed something in settings, yes, but I have gone back through all the menus and cannot figure out if I have done something to make it like this. I just want the screen to stay on when making a phone call :slight_smile:

Try clearing the cash.
Settings / Apps / Phone App / Storage and cache / Clear cache

I seem not to have the option I’m looking for. On older devices the fix was:
In the phone app, go to Settings / uncheck Auto screen off during calls

I hope you find something. If I get the hand on my friends phone, I will have a look there.

I am using a Galaxy S9. To keep the screen awake during a call I touch the fingerprint reader. You may also adjust the screen timeout setting by going to settings>display>advanced>screen timeout. You settings may differ a bit on the Gigaset. Hope this is helpful.

Last possibility would be:
Phone app / Settings (un der the 3 dots in the top right corner) / Calling accounts / uncheck “Turn on proximity sensor” This solves it on a Fairphone 2.

Afterwards, I also cleared the cache and re-enabled the proximity sensor. So far the bug did not show up again.

Hello all - thanks for your suggestions. :slight_smile: I have tried clearing the cache on the Phone app, also changing the screen timeout to be a longer time - and it still happens. I must’ve changed something because it never used to do this. I will keep on researching. Any other ideas are welcomed :slight_smile:

This may be the known Dialer app creahes always bug.

If so, a workaround until the bug gets fixed, is to install the ‘Simple Dialer’ app by Tibor Kaputa, from Apps (or F-Droid, or Aurora Store), and set it as the default phone app

Hello - I tried that, that didn’t work either. I guess I just have to swipe down on the screen to get it to light up again for the forseeable. It never used to do this, but I cannot figure out what I might have changed on the phone for it to start doing it. Oh well.

Thank you for this hint.

I had not a problem with a black screen while starting a call. But while pressing the “start call” button randomly the screen goes to 25 % brightness and did kind of freeze. So, no call is made and it was not really possible to “unfreeze” the screen.

Installing the “Simple Dialer” app worked at my Samsung S9. So the problem with the freezing screen seems to be a bug in the pre-installed standard dialer (Android 8.1.0, LineageOS Ilama (9).