Phone Services: Phone not allowed

I’m routinely getting a notification that says “Phone Services: Phone not allowed”. When this happens, I can’t place or receive calls. Placing a call gives the message “Mobile network unavailable”. Manually choosing a mobile network in the settings does not help. After restarting the phone, it works fine for a while. Waiting for some time seems to help too.

Please can you share phone name, /e/ build details. Also if this the first /e/ build you have flashed and was it working well with the stock ROM.

This is actually a refurbished Galaxy S9 that I just bought from /e/.

I have now discovered that this happens consistently right after making a call.

Turning airplane mode on and off fixes the issue until the next call.

Please can you generate a log file after you attempted a call and post it here. That will help us decide if it requires a replacement or a software fix.

I managed to get a log. Which project on the issue site should I choose?

You can raise the issue here

Yes, it’s just that I need to choose a project to raise the issue in. I can’t see any specific project for the ephone, and there are several different for samsung phones.

If you select any issue which is already there and click it open on the top right you will see a button ‘New Issue’ you can click on it and create a new issue.

Any news on the investigation? I noted that my issue was posted in the project os/LineageOTA, which I assume is the wrong place, but perhaps it doesn’t matter?

In any case, the issue has become worse. Now, the “Phone not allowed” message appears immediately when I turn on the phone, and it can’t be fixed. I have also tried contacting my mobile subscription provider, but they were unable to help me.