Phones with /e/ installation seen as "Rooted" by some apps (Revolut since the last version)

Since a recent version, the app revolut business (and I guess Revolut) has identified my device as “rooted”. Someone has started this topic in the revolut community, where it is better explained.

In the mean time I have already received great help on the /e/ community telegram channels. But I still think it is important to dedicate attention to this topic, as /e/ aims to be an trouble-less OS alternative.

Is it not possible to adjust the /e/ OS installation in such a way that it looks legit?

I know the benefits of /e/ and I plan to stay and support /e/ for the longest time, but this limitation represents “lack of functionality” for many users.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

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I have the same problem with my banking app. I currently use my old iPhone for my banking and more sensitive applications. First because some of them do not work on /e/ because of the reason you write about and second because I don’t know where the APKs in /e/ are coming from. Nevertheless, /e/ is running on my primary phone and I love it :heart:

So, I initially thought this may be another case of it incorrectly detecting an unlocked bootloader as root but it even shows me this on my Fairphone 3 running /e/OS which also isn’t rooted and has the bootloader relocked. So I’m not sure what they’re actually checking but they’re clearly not checking for root.

I want to state that other bank apps (Rabobank and ING) work just fine on my FP3 with /e/OS so clearly it’s Revolut doing something wrong in their detection. I would say contact their support.


Hi, I have the same problem with Revolut. Last month I had the same problem with ICS ABN AMRO Creditcard, it was exactly the same warning and the app stopped. The helpdesk of ABN AMRO confirmed the check. A few weeks later and a upgrade from v0.11 to v0.13 /e/OS I installed again teh ICS app with no problems… weird…

Revolut must undo this check, I don’t know how long we can run v7.30 of the Revolut app
If Revolut makes this permanent I have to look for something else.

But sometimes I wonder if this isn’t a problem of /e/OS. Why isn’t it possible to define that /e/OS is original on the FairPhone 3. I used Wileyfox Swift with CyanogenOS for 2 years with no problems.

Helpdesk of Revolut: “device and OS are not supported”

The Revolut forums are buzzing with angry posts from users of several AOSP-derived OSes (LineageOS, /e/, FairphoneOS etc)

I hope that Revolut will roll back this “security” check in the next version. It seems to be poorly thought out and is causing a lot of unnecessary hassle for everyone who not using iOS or Google Android.

True, and I really would like to encourage all of you, especially those who use any of their services, to visit their community platform and leave such request. In this case the more the higher the chance that we actually can make an impact.

On the other hand, I really can’t understand what makes them think this is a good addition? Maybe someone sued them for being hacked on a non-rooted phone maybe? any ideas?

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I am indeed surprised that the ABN-AMRO still works! I have it as well :slight_smile:

Revolut v7.31.2 is working again for me.

Many people on the Revolut forum seem to be reporting the same. Guess the complaining worked :slight_smile:

I did contact their support (as many others did :sweat:) and now both personal and business Revolut are working for me as well. Still, Revolut just set a very bad precedent, which makes me trust a little less on their service as a future-proof solution. They also guaranteed that they don’t support rooted phones due to security… (see image)

Feel free to post similar services that I can adopt if I consider to mode away from Revolut :slight_smile:
Thanks for the feedback and reactions!

What is the current situation of Revolut? I’d like to buy a Murena phone but playing these stupid games with app developers and not having access to my funds is a real showstopper to me.