Photo App to slow?

Hi everyone,
i am using the 0.20 Version /e/OS on a Xiaomi Note5 Pro. I am very happy with this configuration!
When i am want to take photos, the app reacts very slow when i take photos. is there a wrong setting, making photos so slow? i push the button, then it sharps the picture (slow) and then it takes the photo (blurred). Can i set a better performance in the settings?


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This have been discussed in the now closed thread Camera terribly slow in FP3

I have too been silently grumbling for a couple years now.
I wonder how many of us there are?
We need to keep a thread up on this until resolved, and probably create bug report(s) (I could not find one)
When do this problem strike? Apparently not only on FP3, as I thought before.
I am using a FP3 with upgraded camera module to FP3+ type. /e/OS 1.1 now.

Anyway, yesterday I started trying settings and other Camera apps:

  • Default “Camera”: Altered some settings, as suggested in that thread, in default app: it got better but not good.

  • Even slower: HedgeCam 2 (Pity, because I like it especially for great manual focus, ISO, shutter)

  • Also slow: Front Camera, QuickSnap

  • Not working at all, not finding any cam device: A couple I uninstalled and have forgot names now…

  • Really quick :slight_smile: : Simple Camera (named “Kamera” after install, means “Camera” in my language, Swedish) It takes photo in a fraction of a second, while all other need more than one second. HUGE difference. Pity that it lacks manual controls i need.

So why is not all as quick as Simple Camera? Because it saves in another folder?

To investigate more later.

Edit: Name spelling

I have the same FP3 model with updated camera. I was unhappy with Open Camera and found a recommendation here for the GrapheneOS Camera app. It feels snappier (pardon the pun) and the results are great.

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Great, that seem good thanks. Quick test, will try more :slight_smile:
Is in App Lounge - “Secure Camera” by GrapheneOS

Entered now the issue: Camera apps are slow to take a picture on some devices (#5818) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

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The problem also occurs massively in the Gigaset GS290. It feels like 1.5 - 2 seconds pass from the picture being taken until it is successfully saved. This makes the camera unusable for moving pictures. I can also confirm that this was definitely not the case with the standard version. The pictures were taken and saved in tenths of a second. Due to this circumstance, I have unfortunately not been able to convince 3 acquaintances in my direct environment of the eOS, as they depend on their camera in a professional environment and have switched back to their stock Rom - unfortunately! :o/
Here must be urgently improved, because in my opinion, the camera and its importance for use on a smartphone represents for many a purchase decision or a system change reason!

With consultation from some colleagues around me, many would switch to eOS, refrain from doing so as they are not happy with Open Camera as the default camera app.
My initial post is from 2021, so I urge the devs to fix this in a timely manner, as this dilemma has existed since last year and certainly before.
I also ask all users of the various devices to leave their comments here, so that we can estimate on which devices Open Camera makes the same problems.

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It is my impression that the developers either don’t use this forum, or don’t engage with the user community. It is also not clear if complaints here ever get relayed to people that could actually solve the problem, nor what kind of follow up occurs. If you want something fixed, I would first open an issue on their gitlab project, and then start complaining to the official twitter accounts of /e/ and gael. Unfortunately, I feel that the only way to get their attention is to try to deliberately make eOS look bad (which I don’t want to do).

To get their attention, I’m thinking of starting a thread here called something like “Why my friends/girlfriend/grandmother don’t use /e/os.” The camera app (and default photo gallery app) is one issue (I have similar complaints on the esolutions S9). The flagship bliss launcher is also broken (it randomly rearranges apps). If you want to start the thread, please do! Some of the uninstallable default apps also don’t work very well (I’ve replaced most of them). Personally, I feel that it would be straightforward to fix these issues, it is just that the developer team needs to properly prioritize the outstanding problems.

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Hello again,
I don’t want to be unfair, as I am allowed to use a free operating system here, which is also partly driven by enthusiasts. On Gitlab, issues with and around eOS are created, bundled and sorted to get an overview. That is also understandable.
But I can’t understand why so little attention is paid to such an important function.
Everyone uses the photo app, some more, others less. That’s why I ask the developers to put a special focus on this in the future.
It’s not great to have a data protection phone that takes poor quality pictures, even though the hardware is capable of it.

And again, I realise that the budget of an Apple or Google team cannot be used for development here. I’m trying to be objective about my problem.



@mrak, I think that sound unreasonably harsh.

Generally I think it works well to use forum to discuss problems with other users (Unless you clearly see a problem directly), and when we together have found enough to post an issue we do so and link between the issue and forum thread.

I think that is a good way to unload developers from too many less specific bugs.
This time it seem we created the issue on the tracker a year to late, blame is this time on us users.

I didn’t mean to be harsh. I work with open source projects, and there are always problems, including my own projects. The worst problem is not to be aware that the problem exists :). I know that the devs are working on updating the OS and also with OTA updates. These are big updates. If it is their opinion that those improvements are more important than a working launcher and camera, that is fine: They should just state that openly (A template would be “We have limited resources, and this is the list of things we are working on in order of priority. Sorry about the camera app, we know its an issue.”).


A quick camera app with manual focus: FreeDCam found on F-Droid.
Note: swipe from left to get the options panel
From thread Looking for camera app with manual settings - #2 by irrlicht

I also found Open Camera to be a bit faster than the /e/ stock port (or maybe i missed some setting)

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Just switched to simple camera, the original camera app is really slow, too many settings I don’t need and too slow.
Something in between open camera and simple camera would be ideal.

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The default camera app is also slow on my Pixel 5. OS updates have not brought any improvements in this area. I’m actually using /e/OS v1.19.

So I decided to install Secure Camera. This is better. Camera works fine. It’s faster. The app is easy to use, with a few settings, only the most important for me.

I just didn’t manage to modify photos filenames created by the app. I want to remove the IMG_ prefix for each filename but I can’t do it.

Kind regards,