Photos taken with OpenCamera are gone

Being a new /e/ os user with my fairphone and not very knowledgeable about all this stuff, I hope someone can help me.
I have taken many photos with OpenCamera. Then suddenly, when taking new photos, I got a message that it is not able to save the photo. The photos already taken were still visible in Gallery or in TotalCommander. Since today (might have been with the latest /e/ os update), all photos are gone (either in OpenCamera, in Gallery or in TotalCommander). When I connect my phone to my computer (ubuntu) and navigate to the camera folder, I get this: ‘libmtp error:could not get object handles.’
Does anyone have an idea if my photos still exist and how I can access them again?
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Since my first post, all photos that were taken from then on, were accessible and everything worked fine. Now, OpenCamera again cannot save new photos. I can still access the old photos in Gallery but cannot find them when connected to my computer (same message: ‘libmtp error:could not get object handles.’). I fear that they will be lost again.
Does anyone have an idea how I can fix the problem and how I might save my photos?
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Do you have an SD card in the phone? Is it installed to mimic “internal storage” or “old school” External storage.

I had some odd unexpected experiences till I realised I had set the former! :confused:

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I have it to mimic ‘internal storage’. I suspected also that this is the cause of the problem. Before I reinstall everything and change that to external, I still hope that someone can help me recover my photos…

Thanks, Paul

So when I had this issue, I ordered an OTG drive … I cannot actually remember if I lost much, I think I found a solution within the device - I did not be too quick to reformat the SD card, or I would have lost more!

Worth reading this thread too All photos and videos are gone, as lack of “Use Storage Access Framework” compounds the problem.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Edit, another post reminded me that you mentioned you were quite new to /e/…

Do you have an /e/ account?

The way that photos get synced (and reappear) can be disconcerting!