Photos with Fairphone 4

Hello again !

I post a new post here concerning this time the camera with /e/ on the fairphone 4. I read that in the beginning the photos with the FP4 was poor but that not depended of the hardware but most of the software. Then it seems to had an upgrade and that was better. I would like to know how are the pictures taken by the FP4 with /e/, specially in bad light and personns in movement ? If someone can give me his feedback, would appreciate.

Thanks for helping !

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Hello Mr G.
The FP4 pictures and videos are quite ok i’d say.
They clearly get worse in bad light condition.
I use it for all my pics and vids so not too bad actually.

I agree with what has been said, I find the quality very satisfying and suitable to my needs but not comparable to other phones of the same price range. Also it depends on the app you wish to use, for example Gcam instead of OpenCamera can improve things in low light.

I suggest you to use some other apps. The stock app is a bit complicated and tends to grainy pictures, even if you switch on noise reduction (which is normally off,).

You could try FreeDCam from Fdroid. There’s also an app called OpenCamera which is the mother of the stock app but OpenCamera has always a higher version and that’s why some progress. And you could also try some of the known GCam ports. You must sideload one from here.

Thanks everyone ! I installed /e/ and I’m very happy with it so far. Concerning the pictures, I see that it’s not worth than with my old phone even a little bit better so that’s good. I will try opencam and why freeDcam. Which one do you prefer @irrlicht ? But if I installed /e/ it’s not for using googles apps, the less possible at least. There are already a faw apps I must use with too many trackers in it…

Depends a bit on the conditions. In the most situations FreeDCam does the job very well. Also after setting it’s many options carefully it tends a bit to dark pictures. I would say: usable in bright sunlight for landscapes and so on but not so good under dark light.

GCam pictures are always rather good. GCam allows also to use the hardware buttons which I like, that’s good for one-hand-pictures. Until now I didn’t find a GCam port which has been able to use the SD card directly. All the GCam ports seem to use only internal memory for the pictures. So you always have to move them manually. This can get nasty at the end of the day. The GUI is rather simple.

Almost never I take OpenCamera and it’s derivatives, only for making comparisons. Their algorithms for noise reduction and edge sharpening stay indeed behind others. You see this in the pictures. Modern versions of OpenCamera have some nice GUI elements for showing inclinations (vertical and horizontal). The GUI is sophisticated.

It seems that the stock Fairphone 4 will get a camera software update:

Hello !

Thanks for the news and thanks to the fairphone team with their different plhilosophy.

But I didn’t understand how I update the camera? Will I receive a notification or should I do something to get the update? And the update will concern only the camera or is it a fairphone update and can I get it with /e/?

Thanks for helping!

FP4 stock camera app has been upgraded. eOS camera app is not a fork of the stock app, it is a fork of OpenCamera, if I remember. FP4 stock camera works on my phone but I can’t use wide pixel feature (48MB). I had install this app time ago (v. 2.0.010), maybe now it’s different. But you can’t find the app in a store.

Edit: I asked time ago about stock camera app: Murena Fairphone 5 is now available for pre-order at
Any news @Manoj?