Pictures synchronization issue in eDrive

The official NextCloud app works reliably with eDrive. With only seconds of delay it uploads photos to the eDrive.

Currently on 0.16 (FP3, stable) and it’s been 30 minutes since activating the build in sync with no photos visible on eDrive :confused:

In my case I got a first upload yesterday from FP3 to eDrive when updating to 0.16 (but it was also the case for the previous update and it only worked once).
Good to know for the NextCloud app, thanks.

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I disabled my nextcloud apps automatic upload and activated the build in sync in the Account manager, but no photo was synchronised within a whole day. This feature has never worked, I even did a full reset.

It’s been problematic ever since I started using /e/ in late 2020. Sometimes the sync will not happen for over a week, sometimes it takes a few days. And not all the photos actually show up on ecloud either.

On the gitlab entry it looks like they’re pushing this task out for the 0.17 build.

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I am facing the same issue with 0.17 on a FP3+

Crossing fingers, after the 0.18 update on FP3 all my local pictures were synced. Hopefully new ones will too.

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Same here, I just reactivated the pictures/vids synchronisation setting and it worked instantly (finally!).

Bad news. After the initial synchronization no further new picture was synchronized for over 3 days. So back to the normal nextcloud app.

Same here, that’s pretty sad… Does the Nextcloud app still works on your side? It stopped uploading pictures a couple weeks ago and I can’t find a way to make it work again…

On this gitlab issue the team states that they have been working on a refactoring of the eDrive app (managing the sync to ecloud) that should be out soon (right now in internal testing).


Any news on v.19?
I’ve also read that the issue can be related to the Nextcloud app installed, so I consider to deinstall it before updating to v.19.
Any thoughts on that?

I do not see the improved sync in 0.19, or it being ready for external testing. Nextcloud app might help you, or might well hinder the natural flow of /e/ sync.

When the improvement is released it will be good if we can have an indication of the best way for affected users to try to prepare a “clean slate”.

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Depuis la mise à jour 0.19 (il y a eu la mise à jour de également), j’ai quelques fois des synchronisations de photos. Mais c’est très aléatoire et peu fréquent.

Since the 0.19 update (there was the update as well), I have a few times syncs of photos. But it’s very random and infrequent.

I have been experiencing this same synching problem on my FP3 for about 2 weeks now. Neither pictures nor documents are syncing either direction (phone to cloud nor cloud to phone). However, my tasks, contacts, calendar, notes and email are all syncing fine.

Things I’ve tried:

  • Account sync settings: “sync now” and turn off and back on the the sync on off slider.

  • Removing and re-adding my e account under settings → accounts.

  • Waiting some time (over 2 weeks).

Given the changes I’ve made both on the cloud and the phone I am concerned there may be conflicts that may need to be resolved (renaming of folders on cloud and adding documents to the same folder in the phone). Is there anything else I should try (ideally something not super technical)?

fault is not with you, the implementation is not robust (workaround is reboot with power cord plugged or using nextcloud-official). The /e/ dev team acknowledge this has stalled for too long - Gaël sums up the reasons in a comment here: Problem with synchronisation (#1772) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab … so instead of leaping into a refactor the current code will see fixes to work again. If the fix is verified in testing maybe this ships with fingercross 0.21 or 0.22 - the Development Updates - /e/ community will feature it if this is the case


Thank you very much @tcecyk for this most informative link. I have to say the result of Reboot device with power cord plugged in was no less than spectacular. My 12 month life in photos with /e/ suddenly ran before my very eyes! The majority of “empty files” just filled, and after about an hour, all the remaining “non-displayable” files were left pulsing. After a couple of prolonged sessions over the weekend many naive-user errors were corrected and duplicates deleted. One pulsing file remains (but it displays and it is now shareable, when previously un-receivable).

Thanks again. For reference I will include a plug for this Nextcloud intro. However, I think it is good to read the whole thread. There can be some downsides to installing Nextcloud before you understand the “Cloud” way of doing things. Maybe I did just that at the beginning of my /e/ journey!

Install and connect Nextcloud app to your /e/cloud drive to unveil its true potential

Bonjour à tous,
Nouvelle version pour mon Fairphone 2 (0.21) mais toujours aucune synchronisation des images et fichiers. J’attendais beaucoup des annonces faites sur le GItlab. Je suis déçu.

Hello to all,
New version for my Fairphone 2 (0.21) but still no synchronization of images and files. I was expecting a lot from the announcements made on the GItlab. I am disappointed.

I tripped on a bug during testing the eDrive fix a week ago that in the end only happened due to a misconfiguration at my end - but devs took the fallout seriously (thanks). This delayed the edrive fix release, I’m really sorry, looks more like 0.22 for it to land but the dev-update-post on monday will be more precise

Hey guys looks like even in v0.23 (R) it’s still not fixed. I had to install Nextcloud app alongside after waiting a day for edrive to sync unsucessfully.

Honestly said, I’m disappointed that the built in mechanism does not work. Also because I’m also not happy how Nextcloud manages my pictures. I want to manage them in the gallery app solely. Want a fast preview and reload of remote pics and want to delete them directly in the gallery.

I will add my eDrive experience to this interesting topic :grinning:.

I’m using the built-in sync (eDrive) since I have purchased my FP3 from /e/ store 2 years ago (I was using it before on my S7).
It was working quite nicely even if you weren’t sure when the pictures and videos were uploaded (Wifi Required ? Sync enabled ? Plugged in ?).
I wasn’t bothering since it was working … until it doesn’t work anymore :sweat_smile:.

Last pictures upload was on april 23th and I wasn’t able to make it sync again since :frowning:
I don’t know why it suddenly stopped working silently. No error or information.

/e/ account is still connected to the cloud: agenda, documents and everything else still sync correctly. Checked all settings or tried to trigger sync manually without success. I checked the logs with adb logcat, didn’t see any meaningful error…

Next step, disabling pictures and videos with /e/ drive and use Nextcloud app instead. It will probably more reliable and give more information about what’s happening.

PS: running stable version 0.23-20220406176461

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