Pixel 3 - Blueline

Small and beautiful device. I am getting this soon e is available for it :wink:

No official LineageOS support yet.

The thought of using G°°gle pixel hardware without G°° services is extremely appealing.

/e/ should not leave CopperheadOS and GraphenaOS the terrain alone to provide an Android custom ROM optimized for security and privacy.

The no-frills G°°gle phone with options on Android Pie, Q, R and S t guarantees until system updates well into 2021.

Since /e/ is not dependent on the lineage support a /e/ OS v1.0 Pie would be a clear message.

  • The G°°gle Pixel 3 can be easily downgraded from StockROM Android 10 to Android 9.

  • Like the Fairphone FP3, the bootloader can be opened and closed very easily.

  • The installation of a custom ROM on Pixel’s is very similar to the Fairphone FP3.

  • The time is ripe for /e/volution und /e/cosystem.

G°°gle Pixel 3 “blueline” Android 10 with /e/ Apps /e/ Browser /e/ Wallpaper

Now only the / e / OS ROM 9-Pie is missing.