Pixel 4a broken screen to repair

Hello everyone,
Last christmas I offered a Pixel 4a and it was my first /e/ phone not from Murena.
The day I received the protections something terrible happened. The screen cracked a little because of the floor.

Now I look for your help to find a new screen!

PS: For the ones who wonder: the Easy Installer really went easy and now /e/ has a new user that did not even search to listen what is /e/. Anyway, I just installed Gcam and this phone became the best in the world…
Merry Christmas

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Sorry for you misadventure :frowning:
Here is one: Pixel 4a Screen: Genuine Part / Replacement Kit - iFixit
There is a guide a bottom, if you never did this I’d advise to take it to repair shop or have an experienced friend at hand.

This page has been Out Of Stock for months but they will notify me if available.
As for repairs in a shop I am afraid it should be almost the price of a new one.

Sorry, I didn’t check.
Here are 2 more, but expensive:

Right, it is the price of the phone.
I appreciate your help and with these pages my thoughts are to replace with a new one when the cracks are too uncomfortable because I haven’t done the best of memories with random online sellers, especially with this price.

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