Pixel 4a: Migration from Google to /e/ (feedback experience)


This topic is just for express my experience about this migration.
After some months of hesitations, I decided to migrate on /e/.
So, after three weeks of use, I’m very satisfied about /e/ allmost everything works perfectly.
With App Lounge, I found all of my required app (Bank, Authentication, etc…) using the anonymous Google Play access

But before to migrate, it’s important to know that three stuffs are not working.

  • Android Auto
  • Google Cast
  • Netflix and Disney+ (DRM issue)

For Google services, it’s the price to pay when we want to cut the link with Google.
But the last point, streaming services, is my great disappointment. I hope it could be resolved in the futur.

Many thank to /e/ foundation for the great job by proposing a real and functional alternative of Google Android


not to divert from the feedback on use-cases important to you:

  • Casting: as a workaround - the /e/ Roms have by virtue of their upstream Miracast available. Most TVs can do this, as it comes with Wifi standardization. It’s not always called Miracast in the TV Options but close to “wifi direct”
  • Netflix should be abled to be forced to use less-strong drm when some widevine libraries get hidden on the device … for the p4a though there’s a thread that the hiding doesn’t make a change: Netflix does not work on sunfish (#5813) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab
  • Android Auto: yes, no alternative sadly. One can make it work with wizardry, but agreed it’s no general user solution: Android Auto with /e/? - #24 by Gnnr