Pixel 8 pro support

Pixel 8 pro is receiving full support in the upcoming weeks from graphene is, there is a large majority of users who would also like to join eos on their pixel 8s. For the community please add support of 8 pro, since 7 pro is already added recently as supported by eos

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What can we do to have devs look into pixel 8 pro?

Nothing. Devices have to be supported by Lineage OS before being considered for eOS.

Formatting your OP as About the Request a Device category may help potential developers join forces with those in the earlier stages of trying to liberate the device.

If you have the device (is it husky ?) you may be able to support such developers https://xdaforums.com/f/google-pixel-8-pro.12801/

Pixel 8 pro is supported by lineageOS !
Are there any plans to develop eOS for this smartphone please?

The Pixel 8 will be surely supported as soon as /e/OS suppport Android 14…

Not only from LineageOS itself! A privacy-focused LOS 21.0 fork (A14) with MicroG services is available from a .tech based in the south of France and can be downloaded from github .com.

Or, better, from the official LineageOS for MicroG download site https://download.lineage.microg.org/husky/

And IodéOS from https://github.com/iodeOS/ota/releases/tag/v5-husky

Official CustomROMs of the Lineage Android Distribution are only third choice for me, LineageOS for MicroG rather second choice. First choice for me are the official CustomROMs ‘Made in France’ and ‘Made in Germany’ by @ronnz98. Since this is the /e/Forum, I usually avoid direct links to CustomROM alternatives.

I believe that @ronnz98’s ROMs are unofficial (and very good :slight_smile: )

Since people were asking about support for a phone which is not yet supported by /e/, I posted links to privacy-respecting Android 14 custom ROMs which are already available for this device, so that people are able to use such a ROM until /e/ support arrives.

My ROMs are up to now only unofficial… might change for one device :wink:

And even not yet related to /e/OS, I thinks its ok to refer to LineageOS Android 14 ROMs, since when next /e/OS version for A14 is released a a bunch of potential new devices are supported. Stay tuned for the Samsung S20 series… I hope I can build those

Well, yeah honour to whom honour is due. If the LineageOS (or other distributions) source code is clean, your unofficial custom ROMs will work as well as official ones. This has been proven several times.

For me, the term “UNOFFICIAL” is a negation of “OFFICIAL”, which evokes negative associations.

After his active e-Forum time @steadfasterX built /e/OS “CUSTOM” instead of “UNOFFICIAL” (h815 & j5y17lte) and thus gave his excellent work a positive touch. Well done, @steadfasterX

Requirements for different builds:
Custom builds, Unofficial /e/OS builds, Community builds, Official /e/OS builds

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Are there any news? I got /e/OS on an older OnePlus and would really like to load it on my Pixel 8 Pro.

Thanks for all your hard work!

The Pixel 8 will be surely supported as soon as /e/OS suppports Android 14…