Please contribute to "an Unified Install Guide Projet for /e/"


Where officiall documentation is not clear,
The [HOWTO] an Unified Install Guide Project for /e/ is a well tool for new members or non techies users who want to switch to /e/,
It is a base for quoting, avoid repeating ourself and forgot something.
but even if you can find illustrations and a description of the install process, when you look deeper it is like an empty shell.

In introduction, the guide advice to always read the official documentation in parallèle, but some devices don’t have it, and some other have an inacurate one, or cover windows or linux/macos but not both.

Because i don’t want to write for devices i don’t know,
Please fill in details, informations, tips, illustrations, or add links to existing about the trade mark and model series you know
or share it here or there to improve the document.

Samsung, GooglePhone, Sony
And some “classical” are well covered

I’ll sincerely applaud the enthusiasm, but since there are decisive differences in how to install different devices, I don’t know how feasible this even is, how unified this can even get. And it will age inevitably.

I would prefer the official install documentation for every supported device under the supervision of the /e/OS team to be up-to-date and correct. If any user effort is being made, hints about where this is not the case should go to the team.

Just an opinion, of course. Everybody should please feel free to spend their spare time how they want :wink: .


Or just provide links to upstream documentation that is kept accurate and up-to-date (i.e. the LineageOS device pages. They are always the first place I look when working with a new device).

‘Forking’ documentation causes the same problems as forking apps - you need to spend time and resources (which /e/ don’t have) in checking / testing and maintaining your fork. Easier and better to use upstream, contributing patches upstream when necessary and appropriate.


Conceptionally superior, of course, but I wonder how well this would work for Murena’s main target group.

Better than providing out-of-date and / or misleading documentation is my guess :wink:

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