Please include "Internet" in the permissions list in your next update

I’m using eOS android 12. I installed Google translate, downloaded language packages for the offline translation and withdrawn internet from the app under Mobile Data and Wi-Fi.
Offline translation was working nicely. Regardless if I had internet or not.
But my friend uses another android System. I think DivestOs. He installed Google translate with offline translation packages. Under permissions he denied Google translate from internet access and under Mobile Data and Wi-Fi he toggle off the internet. He couldn’t use Google translate.

We concluded that even if Internet access is denied under Mobile Data and Wifi, Google Translate has still access to the internet.

My wish is to continue using eOs because I need MicroG for push notifications. I like Advanced Privacy too and I hope eOS Teqm will implement Internet permission in the next Update, exactly like camera, contacts, storage…permissions.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


Isn’t this observation …

… proof for …

… being a false statement?

…or vice versa.
Least the two statements don’t go together well or the situation is more complex (?)

The situation is maybe more complex. I mean, denying internet access to apps under "Mobile Data& WiFi is not enough. And this is the only pissibility offered by eOs 1.9 s for now.

You can analyze the internet connections of apps with PCAPdroid (I guess NetGuard works as well for that purpose).

And you can block unwanted traffic with a firewall (NetGuard) or based on DNS with apps like Blokada or RethinkDNS or the like.

The “blocking apps” (especially NG) provide the function you ask for (deny internet access per app).
They may be used as well for analysis of traffic but may be somewhat limited for that purpose.

Note that all these apps utilize the VPN-interface of the system which means you can only use one of those apps at a time and you cannot use them in parallel with Adavanced Privacy’s Hide my IP-feature.

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That’d be very odd… I doubt it.
If the system does not provide Internet in general, how should an app then get access?
Have you verified with flight mode and wifi OFF?

I’m using Netguard along with Advance Privacy to allow/deny Internet access to every app individually. On the other hand, why install google translator on a google-free OS? Have you tried DeepL? That’s my workhorse for translating. Just my two cents.


Indeed. But translation done at a 2023 level requires more than just word substitution. To get nice multi language translation would require enormous downloads.

If Google were to offer such downloads to provide an “offline” service it would be merely efficient to provide something like a “backup OTA service” to keep their translation system “lubricated”.

Such service may be revealed in the “offline package” T&C.

Whether or not the “backup OTA service” goes through MicroG or not I personally find the OP assertion credible – I am less certain how it could be controlled.

The obvious switch to disallow such traffic is to uninstall such proprietary service.


Does DeepL support offline translation ?
My request is not only related to one specific app. But it’s more secure to know that some apps don’t have internet access.

The downloads are made, but the app doesn’t work if denied to access connection while internet is avaipable

I use deepl mostly on my desktop to double check while translating, I haven’t used it for offline translating so I’m afraid I can’t answer that.

I need offline things because sometimes I’m in regions where the network is weak or not existing at all.

That sounds that it even makes a difference if internet-acces is denied whilst connection would be available -if it was not denied (?)
Does it work when no connection is available at all despite any permissions? (like wifi OFF and flight mode)
What amount of data is downloaded to enable this “offline” thing?

I get the impression that this “offline mode” of this google translator-service is not a real offline thing but probably only true in the sense that not ALL data is processed online but “only” some of it …whilst maybe only a dictionary is locally stored - or something along these lines.
Whereas in your case - from what you wrote- that´d mean that there is internet connection while there shouldn´t be - which is the odd part…

I don´t think so. I guess this is (least partly) because:

You´ll get apps that offer very good offline dictionaries though … but a sophisticated translation is another level.

that´s the point

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Google translate has the advantage to translate more accurately and offline.
But the offline translation is not really offline. Please try to do the experience yourself:
When internet is denied under Mobile Data & Wi-Fi, offline translation works
Whenn internet is denied under Permission, offline translation does not work.

Google translate is closed source but I just believe that without internet the app cannot steal your data

no thanks :slight_smile: I won´t install that on my phone. It´s fine if it works well for your task.

Does that mean the function of the service/app is solely dependent on granted “internet permission” but independent from actual internet access (= works with granted permission but flight mode enabled and wifi OFF) ?


Yes. The app needs to have access to internet to function. And when internet is not permitted and the mobile’s internet is off, then tthe app works. When you on the internet the app works only if you grant the internet access permission.

Hello @Curious1

None of this makes sense to me.
You need an application that works without a connection but you say that you still need a connection for it to work…
What is the point?

You can try Translate You , this app supports LibreTranslate, Lingva, Deepl and more…

Why GoogleTranslate on an OS like /e/?
You can use SimplyTranslate Mobile instead: This app is an alternative front-end to Google Translate, but doesn’t directly connect to it.

Otherwise, yes Deepl apps needs the internet to translate text on phone (just tested).

And no Google translate is not that good (but this is just my point of view).


It’s seems you are right concerning internet connexion need:

Google Translation

About the application

Text translation: translate into 108 languages by typing text
Tap to translate: copy text in an application, then tap the Google Translate icon to translate (all languages)
Offline: translate without an Internet connection (59 languages)
Instant Camera Translation: instantly translate text in images by pointing your camera lens at it (94 languages)
Photos: take or import photos for better quality translations (90 languages)
Conversations: Instantly translate bilingual conversations (70 languages)
Handwriting: draw characters instead of using the keyboard (96 languages)
Lexicon: save translated words and phrases for easy retrieval later (all languages)
Synchronize multiple devices: log in to your account to synchronize your lexicon between the application and your desktop computer
Transcription: continuously translate what someone speaking another language says in near real time (8 languages)


Thank you for the suggestions. But none of these apps has the features and the translation accuracy of Google Translate. SymplyTranslate is good, but does not have offline Translation. I’m sometimes in regions where the internet is unavailable.
Google is just dishonest. Offline should be really offline. But no, the big bro needs people’s data.

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Deepl is way better than google translate :wink::

Accuracy of translation:

This data does not include situations where the translations were rated equally good (or identical). It’s only presenting the data for situations where one translation was rated to be better than others by the professional translators.

Just to finish afterwards, everyone uses what they want.

Data collected from Google Translate

Data that may be collected by this application:


Personal information:
Name, Email address, User ID, Address, Phone number and Other info

Photos and videos


Activity in the app:
Interactions with the app, Other user generated content and Other actions

App info and performance:
Crash logs, Diagnostics and Other app performance data

Device or other IDs

Data collected from Deepl:

No data collected

The developer states that this app does not collect your data

And finally:

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Thank you for the detailed comparison. You’re right, but Deepl does not have offline translation, which is important when I’m not connected to the internet.

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