Please update microG to support German Corona-Warn-App 1.9.1

I could find it in the F-droid Archive repository:


Please excuse me if I misunderstood your discussion here, but doesn’t the version with built-in Exposure Notification from f-droid work?
You can get it from this page:
I have it from there, running for a while now (note: I am using LOS at the moment, but I guess it should work on /e/, too.)

It only works as long as you don’t have the Exposure Notification extension for microG installed, that /e/ provide in their app store. If it is installed, CCTG will try to use the framework from microG and the version check fails.

Thanks for the hint. As I would have to uninstall microG, I am afraid, I would loose all ids once more. Thus, I guess, I will just wait for an /e/OS update instead.

For sure, I have disabled automatic updates from the /e/ store once and for all ;-).

Ah OK, didn’t know that

New version is supposed to be available this week for the dev channel: Week 02, 2021: Development and Testing Updates

Thanks for the ‘heads up’ I hadn’t noticed that app hadn’t updated the exposure notifications since the 22nd, i.e. since I updated the app. I deleted the CWA app and installed the f-droid version (had to enable the F-droid Archive repository to access it) which seems to be working now.
Although in hindsight It would have been better to downgrade to version 1.7.1 by downloading it from one of the various APK sites as then I wouldn’t have lost the last 2 weeks of logging. :man_facepalming:

Technically yes.

But as @DarthDavester pointed out it only works if you do not have the Exposure Notification extension for microG installed. And it’s neither trivial to find out how to uninstall the extension, nor to know that you need to uninstall the extension at all (my parents and most of my friends wouldn’t get to that point by them self). And most people in Germany simply only know about the official Corona Warn App and don’t know about the CCTG version with the built-in Exposure Notification at all.

And there’s also an even bigger second point: The alternative CCTG app is only a workaround for german users. For users in other countries, which use other Corona / Contact Tracing apps, there might be analogous problems (-> app requiring recent Exposure Notification API version). E. g. What about the italian Immuni app or about the SwissCovid app? Do they require the recent API version and if yes, what would be the workaround?

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MicroG is out.

As pointed out in the FAQs of the f-droid version the logging is not lost (since it is done within microG). Only the count of days is wrong.

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Thanks chogo,
It’s good to know that the logging wasn’t lost.

At least we can now update to the new Corona Tracing version with the version 0.14 incl. microG v0.2.16.204713: Week 04 : 2021 : Development and Testing Updates

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Thanks for the hint, chogo. In the meantime I downgraded to CWA 1.7.x, downloaded from apkpure.
After the release of /e/OS 0.14, I have upgraded to CWA 1.9 and it seems to work (update happened only yesterday). I have followed AnotherElk’s suggestion, i.e.:

  1. Update microG to version 0.2.17 via Apps
  2. Update /e/OS to 0.14
  3. Update CWA to 1.9.x
screenshot (German contact tracing app)

This is where normal users are getting lost. (see screenshot)

Either e/OS must automatically show up an offer to install the required component.

Or I guess e/OS should really switch to the way microG handles this normally.

This means no extra component to install. The open source exposure notification implementation gets delivered with the basic microG installation right away. Safeguarded with a setting to prevent unintentional activation. And this really provides a perfect data protection.


In agreement here, I still cannot get my Protect Scotland app to work to this day. This is with updates of MicroG (0.2.17.) and /e/OS (0.15).

If update by microG apk install does not work it is possible to replace the system MicroG see here :

was able to replace the GmsCore.apk on a clean install with update from github webpage /microg/GmsCore/releases/download/v0.2.19.211515/

The 2.2.1 original RKI Corona Warn app now installs flawless with Exposure Notification ON at microG setup after bluetooth enabled on 2019 /e/ nougat build. The app should be updateable from any App store using the RKI app apk. Beside that there is a fork of the app at f-droid, using the microG impletentation (Corona Contact Tracing Germany).

It just tells you, that apps depending on that google exposure services could be used, microG is getting better on replacing google. Does usage of whatsapp, facebook, skype for example only make sense if EVERYONE would use it ? I don’t comment anything else, I just trust my doctor.

It is not a flu, i know people totally f*cked up by the virus. Yes some people are hardly affected by it, also true. Can you explain why you dont trust the vaccin? covid could also have nasty long term effects not know yet, or may be designed in a lab…

  1. If you talk about apps like Corona-Warn-App: It primarily protects others not you. Protecting only 50% others, is still better than protecting noone, even though it is not as good as protecting 100%.
  2. It is nice to hear that you are not afraid of the virus, because you believe you are safe. But believing to be safe is not the same as being safe.
  3. You seem to be on a mission. That is great. I am sure /e/OS has support for the Telegram app; there you might find a more appropriate audience for your missionary zeal.
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Du bist nicht gerade die hellste Kerze am Weihnachtsbaum?

Please close/delete this thread. We have a “Querdenker” here, a Covid-19 denier. I don’t think with can have a productive discussion here with him/her.

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