Week 02, 2021: Development and Testing Updates

Week 2:

  • The testing for sprint v0.14 is in progress.

  • This build introduces a standard UI across applications. This is a work in progress.

  • The build includes an update to MicroG .A screenshot of the version coming in is shared below

  • Some of you may be wondering why a build which focuses on UI changes. If you recall we had introduced some UI changes in v0.12 at the last minute which caused some serious boot issues across devices. Having burnt our fingers once we want to be careful this time.
    So far no crashes or boot issues reported.

  • We expect to release the build for all users on the Dev channel by end of this week.

  • Stable version of this build for eStore devices will be released by next week.
    ( to know differences between build types )

  • Starting from next week we will release new devices and upgrade some of the existing devices in our list.

14 Jan 2021: Update: The dev build is being pushed to early next week. This is to check bugs reported on particular devices by the testing team. Will update.

Details here will be updated over the week. Stay tuned. :loudspeaker:

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Hi Manoj

  1. I see that in your picture of the microG Settings screen, the normal status bar icons are still present. One of the UI changes that was made in an earlier release removed those icons, and the change was later reverted until the change could be made configurable. Are you able to tell us what is the status of that ‘feature’ :slight_smile: and whether or not it will be part of the v0.14 release?
  2. There was some discussion a while ago of a ‘Backup SMS to /e/’ feature which was available to beta testers and dev team members. Are you able to tell us whether or not that will be part of the v0.14 release?

Will check on this and get back ASAP

It is not there in v0.14. May be implemented in a future build…after a lot of testing :slight_smile: and with an option to disable if the user does not like it

To be implemented this year. Do not have ETA’s at present.


@Manoj I haven’t seen the Samsung Galaxy S8 in the supported list. I know the list is going to be extented, but I’m afraid this beautiful device is going to be left behind.
Do you know the reason for this? I’ve you are missing testers, just reach out for me and I will sign up…

Pl can you check in the topics created here if there are other requesting for this device. Wanted to see the number of users requesting for the same.

@Manoj I was just asking, because this device is listed under the official List on the Website, for the sipported Devices for the Easyinstaller, but not mentioned at the List for the Update 0.14.

Sorry my mistake did not notice that it was already supported. If the device can get an upgrade to Q it will be added. Will check and add if possible.

No Problem! There is an unoffical Lineage Port on XDA: