Please update microG to support German Corona-Warn-App 1.9.1

According to microG’s issue tracker, see, an update of microG is needed to support the German Corona-Warn-App.


Ok, sorry, I may have misread your issue. Are you saying that the German CWA no longer works after an update unless /e/ updates their version of microG?

My old answer was about general support for the contact tracing framework which is a separate install on /e/. :wink:

It’s already there, see Guide on how to use the Covid 19 tracking framework on /e/OS

Or jump right to the docs at

I have most likely the sam issue. since 23rd of Dec I do not get any updates from the app which might be when I updated the app (official corona-App not the fork on F-droid). Before it was working…

Thanks Ingo; I should have provided more info for my request to be digestable.

I have installed:

  • /e/OS for FP3 version 0.13
  • microG 0.14

The German Corona-Warn-App 1.7.1 has worked in this setup without issues. Since the automatic update to CWA 1.9.1, I have the issue described by the microG issue, I have linked in my original post. That issue has been solved by upgrading microG to version 0.16. Unfortunately, the microG issue tracker has other issues concerning CWA 1.9.1 + microG 0.16.

I hope that makes the request clear,


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We will have to wait for the official /e/ update to get microG to v0.16.

Meanwhile, you might want to look at the Corona Contact Tracing Germany (CCTG) from f-droid:

Just be sure you go to versions and download or you will run into the same issue. Also, deactivate any auto-update you may have enabled on f-droid or the /e/ app-store.

If I am not mistaken, despite the day-count starting from the top on CCTG, it will analyze all the keys you have stored, so it should give you an up-to-date risk level.

Also downloading and installing the official 1.7.1 works (as indicated here: Updated Corona Contact Tracing Germany from Apps fails and originally here:

Thanks for the tipp regarding CCTG. Unfortunately, it did not accept the keys gathered using CWA and started again with an unknown risk status.

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Maybe /e/ should provide microG updates with compatible signatures via the app store.
So microG can be updated without the whole ROM and also for phones which no longer receive ROM updates.

The same is already possible via when using microG-LineageOS builds from
But for usage with /e/ ROMs APKs signed by /e/ are needed.


Thank you! But where can I download 1.7.1?
I can’t find it anymore.

You could get it from apkpure or similar sites. However, this would require to downgrade if you have the current CWA version installed. I described how to do this for CCTG in the link shared by @chogo but I can’t really say if the same method would work for CWA as well, as I haven’t tried it.

Thanks! I found the the CWA version and installed it. It started again. Maybe it will update now. I will tell.
I also had installed CCTG but unlike CWA it never worked.
Maybe I will also try CCGT, but where do I get the last working version? I didn’t find it at apkpure.

Last working Version is and you can find it on f-droid under versions. Don’t forget to disable auto-update, also in the e-app store.

Downgrading CWA works for me.

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Is it me (/my browser) or is there no version older than 1.9… on the f-droid page?

Hmm. The oldest version I’m able to find is:
But the 1.7.1 of CWA works!

On the website, I too can only see the latest two versions. However, in the client for me it goes back to Maybe have a look in the f-droid app itself?

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My f-droid app also provides only the current and two older (1.9…) versions. Looks like we’d have to wait.

Perhaps an F-droid developer read these posts. Now there’s access to version in F-droid.
And it seems to work also.

This is a disaster for non technical users!
For month they had to wait for Exposure Notification to work on /e/ and now it’s not working again.
Some people really want to use those Covid-19 tracing apps. Especially if you’re working in a highly frequented grocery store or similar, it may be the only way to know if you’ve met someone infected and you should keep some extra distance from your beloved ones.

I needed an hour to explain the needed steps to my mom on the phone.
And other non technical users (who may just bought a phone from the /e/ store) will be completely overstrained with this problem.

/e/ is behaving like a professional vendor production ROM in many cases, including no dangerous root access.
Why not behave like vendor ROMs in this case too and deliver fast implementation updates to substitute Google libraries via microG trough the app store?

… something additional just came to my mind.
Wouldn’t it be enough to provide an update for the “microG with contact tracing” app for this matter?

… some thoughts further: Also for installing the “microG with contact tracing” app some help for non technical users would make much sense! A lot of them won’t get the idea to search this forum after they see the error message. So something like displaying a hint is needed when a Covid-19 tracing app can’t access the Exposure Notification API.

Additionally it still might be a good idea to also provide updates for the whole microG via app store. So devices which lost ROM support still get new microG OpenSource implementations to deal with Google requests. Else those device may be placed in a worse position regarding these updates compared to using a Google ROM.


I know that things can wrong in a complex system and updates cannot be provided easily, when quality control is to be adhered to.

What I do find strange though is that the /e/ store still suggests to install Corona-Warn-App version 1.9.1 although it is known not to work properly with the current stable /e/OS version 0.13.