Pocophone & Pie

I am proposing the Pie upgrade for the Pocophone.

The notch that is unsupported by the Oreo build is a real handicap for the everyday use of the phone.


Did Any1 test this successfully yet?

Next to that, will upgrading to pie, cause a wiped user partition?

Any update on the likely availability (or not) of /e/ PIE for Pocophone f1?



Its on its way. I am not a developer, but it seems just to be a few days away.

Excellent news, thank you for the update.

Can you raise if /e/ will support vowifi & volte on the Pocophone F1 under PIE, as LineageOS does?


I plan to release the Poco /e/ Pie official build by this week end. There was an issue with the repo tool due to which builds are on hold. Since we are dependent on the LOS code changes have to wait for these issues to be resolved.


That’s great to hear; will /e/ support vowifi & volte on the Pocophone F1 under PIE, as LineageOS does?



If it works on LOS it should also work on /e/OS.

Hello @ralxx, have you given this pie build of pocophone a shot? Man I still remember notch adjustments and alignments were so wacky…made me unwillingly move to LOS :frowning:

@szmehdi. Just come back from LOS. I am using the official /e/ Poco pie build for a month now. And it works fine.
if you use LOS 16, then you will now get the same look and feel concerning the notch. In Oreo (all builds incl. /e/ as well as LOS) there was no notch behavior foreseen - simply because at the time when Oreo was developed there were no notches existing yet. But this is resolved with Pie. Hope that answers your queston

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Absolutely, undoubtedly /e/ Orea build was not the right build for F1 perhaps (majorly concerning notch adjustment with icon overlapping each other) I am just so glad that it has been fixed in pie build and definitely I’ll move back to /e/OS soon. Thanks!

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So did it came out yet?

If you are referring to the official /e/ Pie build for the poco it is available here

Since installed pie on my phone I’m experiencing a couple of problems on it:

  • can’t send or receive sms messages
  • several screen issues like pull down menu drops Down while I’m not pulling it down, keyboard doesn’t react anymore on occasion and I have screen freezes which I can resolve by closing and opening the screen again.

Can any1 help me with this?

have you tried a diefferent kernel? some of them are built with new drivers, others with older ones as far as i know, it may be related to that… but about your first problem, it works fine for me on pocophone …

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Thx for responding so quickly, what do u mean with another kernel?

There are cmunities that compile custom kernels for a lot of devices, these are different then the stock kernel that is shipped with /e/.

Hi, I did experience these glitches mentioned by Eelo above after having OTA firmware upgrade. At first, when I installed Pie build everything was running smoothly, I wonder these OTA updates are causing these glitches. As for sms messages send/receive, it works fine for me.

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Hi @Eelo, after having read your post I, I have to confirm, I noticed as well the glitches, as you call them: there were and there are moments of freezes. Not al lot but still occurring from time to time.

This is something I noticed too since I moved to Pie and not before. I myself wasn’t able so far to reproduce those glitches in a way what I would be able to open in issue in our bugtracker. Would you @Eelo able to reproduce and describe them for the bug tracking system?

I wonder, if there is a chance that all this described behavior is related to bliss and there’s a chance that this is going to be resolved with Bliss v2. @Manoj, would you mind to see this with the developer?

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