[POLL] Which device(s) you would like /e/ to support next?



Please add support xiaomi mi 8 se (sirius)


Xiaomi Redmi 5 ?

Thanks !


Hi, I would like to see Motorola Moto E5 added. It’s new, cheap and on Oreo. You made a great job guys :wink:.


Heck, since we’re pipe dreaming (and being very unrealistic at the same time) I’m going to suggest:

  • Tesco Hudl (version 1)
  • Nokia 8
  • Necunos NC_1


I suggest Samsung J3


I have a Dreams /e/ for Nomu S30 rugged and underwater phone.


When I’m looking at the devices list, I don’t understand why Samsung Galaxy S5 is not inside. Kiss :wink:


Please add Xaomi Mi A2 support! I would like to switch to /e/. :sweat_smile::+1:


Please, add Samsung galaxy J3 and J7
See how many agree :slight_smile:



Please add HTC U11+

This phone has never gotten an update from HTC! It needs more support! I would happily swap over to use /e/.


What about the modern Oneplus 6? Check it out, with an in-screen fingerprint sensor, looks pretty great!
Tell me what you think!


I would personally think the Xperia XA2 Ultra would be feasible eventually considering the XA2 is already supported… unless I’m missing something about that.

Anyway, as I already posted before, I would eventually love to see this OS on tablets.


Branch 0.2 for Motorola Moto G 2014 (Titan).



Branch 0.2 for Leeco Le2 (S2). Installed an unofficial version of 0.2 from the respected Andrelam, much more stable than the official 0.1, the camera and flashlight without departures!


Branch 0.2 for Xiaomi Mido


Xiaomi mi A2 support, please?


HI , can you add Motorola E4 Plus , please ?



Oreo for ZTE Axon 7 please


Pensez vous faire une version pour le Honor 5C ? Ce serait super de l’envisager.
Merci par avance,


Would love to see the Samsung A3 (SM-A300FU) being supported :smiley: