[POLL] Which device(s) you would like /e/ to support next?



Pouvez vous ajouter le samsung A3 2016 ?


I’d like to see the Samsung note 4 added to the list.


I would like to request to add LG Q6


Please add OnePlus One (Bacon)


LineageOS 15.1 went official for the Honor 5x in December. It would be great if the /e/ builds for the device could be updated to the 0.2 branch


I would appreciate it a lot if you would add support for Xiaomi mi mix 2S (polaris)


Let’s support the Xiaomi Note 7. The best phone. The camera is 48 megapixel, who can’t be amazed???


I nominate asus zenfone max pro m1


This phone is already added


Id love to see the Google Pixel (1) sailfish supported.
It should be quite easy because the pixel xl is already supported.


I vote for Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 / 5 Plus (vince)


Adding Motorola Moto G5 (XT1671). Also, although I think it’s already been mentioned, the Moto E5. If I feel brave, I may take a crack at building it myself.


Samsung Galaxy Note 8, have one to test now.


The Note 8 is currently my primary day-to-day device. I’d be delighted to see /e/ made available for it but would not migrate until there was a rock-solid version and not likely before warranty expires and OEM updates are no longer available.


Some Xiaomi phones deserve /e/:

  • Mi Mix 3
  • Redmi Note 7 / and future Pro
  • Mi 8 / +Pro, Lite
  • Redmi Note 6 Pro

/e/ Oreo for m8?
Device Suggestions Samsung and Lenovo

I would like to see the HTC One m8 supported (for Oreo and later; I know it’s already supported with Nougat).


I nominate Samsung Galaxy J4+ (SM-J415GN)


It’s already supported. My Redmi Note 5 works on /e/


Is there already a solution for Samsung galaxy s4 mini LTE ? If not I would be glad about


We should integrate popular phones and known brand and recognized with a good value for money and good performance (Especially in photo)

Honor 9
Honor Play
Honor 10
Xiaomi Mi A2
Xiaomi Redmi 6
Xiaomi Mi 8