Poor GPS accuracy on FairPhone 3


I installed e/os on a Fairphone 3+ using the Easy-Installer, assume that the proper OS was installed. Android 11 build e_FP3-user 11 RQ3A.211001.001 eng.root.20221129.182930 dev-keys

If I am outside the GPS accuracy the FairPhone 3+ is within a few meters. When I am in doors the GPS shows the phone about 180 KM as the crow flies away from where I am. Our household has 5 other devices with GPS, when they are side by side in the house all but one have an accuracy of less than 10 metres, the exception being a 10 years old TomTom GPS. This whole accuracy issue seemed start after I installed e/OS. Not sure if the problem lies with the e/OS interface to the GPS sensor or what.
Hope this is clear enough.
Is there a solution

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