Possible to use FM app without headphones?

I’d like to listen to the FM app on my phone’s speaker, not headphones. But the app won’t play unless headphones are plugged in. Is there a solution?

You might know that the headphone cable serves as the FM antenna. So it’s not technically possible to receive an FM signal without that. Regarding playback, it would be thinkable to have the sound being put out by the speakers if the app was (re-)programmed to allow for that. However, it would still require the cable/antenna to be plugged in.


/e/ has a FM app? Or what app do you use?

It’s an /e/ app that apparently appears if your phone has FM capability. My old S9 didn’t have it, my Moto does.


And what is the name of this real FM radio app?
The Teracube has FM built in so I’d like to see if it can be used. There’s a sea of fake FM apps (streamers) and don’t feel like going through all of them.

Regarding the original question, using the radio without headphones was possible via an Xposed module. Listening to radio right now on my Moto G5 Plus potter with LOS 14.1 Unofficial sans headphones. Also works on my G5s Plus sanders running Oreo. Picky in how I hold it or where I place it.

“LineageOS FMRadio Without Headphones” module is sadly not available via LSposed. Not sure about EdXposed. It’s from 2018 anyway.

Just now I stuck in a short 3 or 4 inch cord I found in the headphone jack and the volume jumped up and signal is clear. One could probably experiment with something short(er) that can act as an antenna.
I found that cable at work and don’t need it. Will cut off pieces and see if reception is just as good.

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The app is named “FM Radio”

Please read here: I want to install "FM Radio" on another Android - #2 by smu44
Maybe you can find a prebuilt APK somewhere in GitLab …

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LOL, yeah.
I misread the “It’s an /e/ app that apparently appears…” and was thinking an app was available in the store. Oops, sorry.

From 0.23 Pie (January, 22) Xiaomi Redmi4X : https://ecloud.global/s/9Fmt4S9BREBBgXE
But, if your stock ROM had a FM Radio app included, you may extract it from there (hardware specific).

Thanks smu44. For the Teracube I’ll first check in the LOS 18.1 they have. Failing that I’ll check in the stock if possible.