Pre-loaded S9 keeps turning off mobile data

I just received my refurbished Samsung Galaxy S9 with the eOS already installed. I have no technical knowledge or expertise.

I’m trying to set up the basic apps and services I need, but mobile data keeps turning off automatically. I thought maybe it only happened when WiFi was enabled, but it happens even when I disconnect the WiFi connection. I turn on mobile data, either by pulling down the notification bar or going to the phone’s settings, and literally seconds later when I check to see if it is still enabled, it has turned off.

I followed steps on this forum to change the network type and reset APN defaults (whatever those are). My network type options don’t include the many options listed in the post. I can only choose 2G, 3G, or LTE. I pay for 4G unlimited mobile data. Roaming is enabled, and I have it set to automatically select the network.

Also, when I inserted my SIM card, I received a text from my carrier (TMobile) saying my phone did not have the correct settings to access the internet or receive MMS messages.

I can send and receive basic text messages, but not GIFs or stickers. I suspect it’s because mobile data keeps being turned off without me realizing it.

Does anyone have a solution to the mobile data not staying on? This phone is essentially useless to me without mobile data.

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When @Manoj sees this I believe he will ask you to email this to since it was purchased direct from /e/.They will take good care of you as I have experienced with a previous purchase for a family member when we had technical difficultly. Also this if you haven’t already seen👇🏼

I too am with TMobile in the US and anytime I remove and replace my SIM I receive the same message. It does not impact the functionality in my phone at all (data/internet or MMS)

I do not believe GIFs are supported in the default Message service natively. Here is a link that may help further (note comment section on how to find emoji location). :point_down:t3: