Problem after Upgrade (or Update?) to /e/OS 0.21-xx (1. February 2022)

Hey everyone,

I just upgraded (or updated) my Samsung Galaxy S9 to /e/OS 0.21-20220201158537.

After the reboot, I could not unlock my phone with my fingerprints since all safed fingerprints have disappeared.

Also there are some other odd bugs: I installed FindMyDevice via fdroid. There you can whitlist some of your contacts, so they can text your phone and get its whereabouts. The Whitelist was blank again and two of my fomer white-list-contacs are not shown, when I try to pick them from my contacs. Though, when I open my contacts-app, I can find them. (But maybe this is a topic for FindMyDevice-troubleshooting?)

I haven’t found any other missing settings or bugs, but will keep you updated.

Did anyone had similar problems after the upgrade?

Best wishes

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Hello all,
I habe the same Problem with the fingerprint sensor.
It ist not possible to add New fingerprints. There is no reaction when I touch the sensor.
My device is SA Samsung S9 (SM-G960F).

Hi @ffbb123, it may help identify your problem if you specify whether this is a System OTA Upgrade of Android version from Oreo to Q on stable. There is a growing consensus here to call an Android version Upgrade an Upgrade, or more specifically, new to Samsumg only atm, an OTO Upgrade. Please could you then edit your thread title to remove this query, with thanks.

Hey Janus,
in my case it was possible to add the fingerprints again, so no lasting damage :wink:

Maybe you can help me there: I got the message that there is a new update or upgrade (i don’t remember, sorry), so I opend Settings->Systemupdates and just downloaded what was shown and installed/rebooted. The history there shows that my last “Version Upgrade!” was on January 18 (/e/OS 0.20)

Now I have a totaly new design of the symbols, the sound-changes are shown on the side, no longer on the top.

Can you tell from that what kind of Update/-grade it was and how I should edit the titel? Sorry for the noobishness :smiley:

I notice too that the System updater is short of essential detail!

New to Samsung stable this month is OS OTA Upgrade of S9 / S9+. Previously System updater could only do an /e/ version update.

You probably are aware that phones from the /e/solutions shop are delivered with stable. However if you were not on stable but dev, you would have had Q already!

From what you say I assume you did do “System OTA Upgrade of Android version from Oreo to Q on stable”. In which case removing “(or Udate?)” might provide more clarity to pedants like me. :blush:

Great that the fingerprint sensor returned for you.

I made the OTA Upgrade to Android 10 (incl. encryption during upgrade).
Is there a way to test the fingerprint sensor? Which “secret codes” bring me to a test menu?

Hi @Janus I believe the code you mention is *#0*# but some of these codes do not always work with /e/. I never faced this problem; here, quite untested, is a link How to fix Galaxy S9 fingerprint scanner problem in a minute.

Hi @aibd , thanks for your advice.
Using the code #0# brings me the message “connection error vor invalide MMI-Code”. I suppose an invalid code.
Although no hint described in the link is working.