Problem getting to the unlock screen

With the most recent update I find the new unlock screen hard to get to. The swipe up screen just take many attempts to get it right, but not all the time. If I hold my phone in one hand it is hard to the swipe up screen to go to unlock. I try swiping up real far, slow, fast, nothing consistently works. Unless I use 2 hands to put my phone a table. only then can I get the phone to unlock every time the first time.

Is there anyway to make sure the next update fixes this. In the short term is there anyway to change the swipe up screen ?

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While I have not any real issue with the unlock screen, this problem seems to be more than unfortunateā€¦ Could you provide the installed /e/OS version? See this guide: [HOWTO] Give complete /e/OS version info easily for support, answers, comparison etc
And could you say which device you are using?

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