Problem installing /e/ on Galaxy S10 (SM-G973F dual-sim)

I then tried to install an earlier stock rom with Odin and I saw the message “SW REV. CHECK FAIL (BOOTLOADER) DEVICE:16 BINARY:14” displayed on the smartphone. I think it was the same anti-rollback problem with Heimdall, but without message. Does anyone know a way to extract the Rollback index from an /e/OS distro (.zip) ?

Extracting the Rollback index would be a nice idea ! But unknown to me.

As Odin is a Samsung tool it will not cooperate in doing a downgrade.

You started from a ROM-STOCK G973F_XEF Android 12 == S == Lineage 19.

The only distro I have successfully installed with this procedure is the latest Lineage “lineage-19.1-20221230-nightly-beyond1lte-signed”.


I was unable to install any /e/OS distro (e-1.6-s-20221130239247-dev-beyond1lte)

I notice that there is a 1 month degrade of timestamp there – did you try /e/OS first ?

nor - for testing - Lineage OS 18.

Would be explained by Rollback.

We have to cope (it seems increasingly) with Android security patch level (SPL) where devices may resist degrade of SPL as well as Android version.

From Release notes we learn the SPL of e-1.6-x-xxx is October 2022.

Generally, perhaps, before attempting install one may need to check Settings > About phone > Android version > Android security patch level.

In this case, if you have a pre-existing SPL in advance of October one might expect resistance.

If one experiences resistance maybe one has to wait for an /e/OS version in advance of that date, but I am not absolutely certain.


Yes, /e/OS was the first open system I attempted to install, but without success.

Thanks for the info, very useful for next time.
When I do this on the S10 (now running LineageOS 19), I have the following dates: Android Security Update: 5/Dec/2022 and Vendor Security Patch Level: 1/May/2022. As I understand it, it’s the second date that matters and we would have to wait for a /e/OS version with later SPL ?
Thanks a lot

So in this case we do not now know the relative SPL between your stock ROM and e-1.6-x-xxx.

The Android SPL updates every month and the vendor at random intervals as I understand.

My guess would be that e-1.6-s-xxx would share the Vendor Security Patch Level: 1/May/2022 with the contemporary lineage-19.1-20221230… but it will lag in Android SPL.

Edited twice It is the monthly published date of the Android security patch level which points to SPL while Vendor Security Patch Level points to the Manufacture’s software revision aka “SW Rev” which may also be referenced when searching for a stock ROM.

If you were to revert to your stock ROM – maybe now e-1.7-s will be in advance of it ?

Thanks a lot for your time and your explanations aidb.

Please bear in mind that I am uncertain if SPL is indeed the primary consideration.

There also exists this workaround Update firmware on beyond0lte | LineageOS Wiki which I found linked here Samsung - Galaxy S10e - beyond0lte - Documentation Suggestions - #15 by ImG.

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I finally got there by rolling back through the SM-G973FXXSGHVI4 STOCK ROM and then I installed /e/OS 1.620221130xxx. I got the message “only official released binaries etc…” with no OEM unlock option. I applied this solution; which worked, /e/OS 1.6 was installed.
I then upgraded to /e/OS 1.7.
Thanks to all the contributors for their indications.

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Same error (Signature verification failed) and it took me a few hours of trial/error and reading to understand and get past this.
In fact the problem comes from the reboot after the installation of /e/OS Recovery.
It says: 7. Manually reboot into recovery:
This reboot is difficult. If you miss it the recovery you downloaded is deleted and the next step cannot be validated.
I found the way to reboot correctly by reading the Lineage OS installation procedure => Install LineageOS on beyond1lte | LineageOS Wiki
IMHO it would be nice to specify this point in the e/OS installation instructions =>
When rebooting after downloading the recovery you will see a different screen with the e/OS logo.
Attached a screenshot of the OS installation. (Not necessary to wipe data twice.)

Of course you have to be sure to have the right model SM-G973F (or SM-G973F/DS). SM-G973U is not good (no OEM unlock).