Problem installing /e/ on Mi Mix 2 Chiron



Hi all,
i’m having trouble flashing /e/ on a Mi Mix 2 (Chiron). i get an error in flashing /e/, the phone notes “Updater process ended with ERROR: 7. Error installing zip file … .zip”
i’ve tried two different zip files (different release dates) and I’ve tried both installing it on the phone itself, by pushing, and bootloading it. Same error.
i’ve checked the zip files, they are Chiron, and i’ve checked the phone, when i ask fastboot for variables, it gives “(bootloader) product:chiron”
any ideas?


Hi, good news ! I have a solution. Look at that topic. If you need more help, tell me :slight_smile:


The bad news is that you won’t be able to OTA update normally because you’ll have to modify the ZIP file for each installation.