Problem on Samsung 8 dual sim after /e/ update

Hello Everybody,
First I would like to thank warmly the /e/ developpers because I fell in love with /e/ on my samsung 8. What a wonderful project !
Secondly I need help…sorry for that.
I installed /e/ on my Samsung 8 SM G950F thanks to the easy installer on my linux computer. First everything went well and then I updated it and it seems, but I am not 100% sure, that my second sim does not work anymore. I am sure it does not work anymore but I am not sure it is exactly after the update. Would you have some ideas ? It is a real big problem for me since my second seem is for work and I don’t receive any calls from my clients ! I really need it to work and I do not want to install android back, please !!!
Thank you so much for your help and understanding,

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Hi @Andounna welcome to the /e/ forum. You might see how you get on with this HOW-TO Manage Dual SIMs

Getting Started on /e/

Yes, try to intervert SIM cards

Thank you both !
It is ok I know how to manage settings for the both sims and it did work before. I tried to invert them too.
The second sim slot does not seem to work since I do not receive any signal from the second sim. I can see the bars place but there are no bars for signal. The first sim slot work very well. If I invert them, it is my personal sim which does not receive signal.
I am puzzled…

Maybe not relevant, but you can check network settings with the dialer, compose *#*#4636#*#*

Prefered network protocols/bands to use, depends of your country/carrier

I tried with your network settings, when i choose the first sim for Internet, the pings pass, when I select the second sim for internet, the pings fail, nothing is written in the actual network, vocal network is only EDGE, Vocal service: emergency only. And I have no network with this second sim whatever place I am, even where the network is very good :-(…