Problem with Exodus Privacy

At my Galaxy S5 I have installed the /e/ OS with Nova Launcher, and it is running quite well. But the Exodus Privacy app, doesn’t do, what it did before under Lineage OS with Nova Launcher: It starts and than it shows an error message:
“Es scheint, dass keine App aus der Quelle, die wir prüfen (Google Play Store), installiert ist.”
But there are some apps from that store at the device.

Yes, that’s known, because exodus needs a connection to google play server. That’s the worst on exodus. And the result isn’t always the truth. see here Don't trust exodus website result

Best way is to use classyShark from f-droid. It shows you wich trackers your apps do have. So you can uninstall them if they have a tracker. :slight_smile:


Harvey is right: ClassyShark3xodus is what you need. I also recommend you to use Aurora as an alternate Play Store client, since it describes the build-in trackers before installation (all thanks to the Exodus integration).

I have looked at ClassyShark3xodus for some launchers:

Rootless Pixel Launcher: …0/0 Tracker/Classes
Open Launcher: …1/26
Nova Launcher: …3/13
Bliss Launcher: … - / - (not specified at ClassyShark3xodus, why?)

yes, that’s crazy. I have just had a look in 4 devices. Nowhere ClassyShark is shown BlissLauncher.

EDIT: I just have ask the developer of Bliss. He ensures that Bliss doesn’t have any tracker. And I trust him … some people a calling me a ‘privacy activist’ … so when I’m trusting him, you can also do :wink: