Problem with MMS + Internet APN

Hello, new /e/OS user here with the following problem: my mobile provider (Telia in Sweden, see requires two different APNs to be used, one for internet and the other one for MMS. How can this be configured on /e/OS?

Found this old thread where someone concluded that “/e/OS cannot manage two complementary APNs at the same time”, but that was several years ago so I hope that issue has been fixed by now:

Can /e/OS nowadays handle two different APNs and if so, how can that be configured? (In the settings GUI it looks like only one APS can be selected.)

Have You …

  • checked whether the parameters of those 2 APNs maybe fit into one (the same) APN-definition in your phone?
    (maybe that´s total crap but worth checking …)
  • defined both APNs and tested if the system is able to choose the appropriate for the task automatically?
    (maybe that´s crap too :slight_smile: but that´s what I would try in the first place)
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