Problem with the microphone

I installed /e/ on my redmi note 7 pro. Apart from a couple of bugs during the installation (cf here), everything seems to work fine.
Only problem : the microphone seems saturated, my correspondents can’t hear me well.
Is there a way to fix this ? Is ther a way to adjust the volume of the microphone (not the speakerphone…) ?
I report that the microphone is working properly with the recorder app.
Could it be a network problem (frequency band, etc.)?

PS : sorry for my poor english :wink:

In case you can’t solve this issue, you can report it in our gitlab.

How does your redmi note 7 pro behave with stockROM Android?

ok, thanks.

Good question… I didn’t try!
I’m going to wait a little while to reinstall everything. Maybe I’ll be able to solve this.
I admit I’m a bit lazy :wink:

Well, it’s an elementary function of your phone. So it’s worth knowing rather than guessing. Flashing isn’t witchcraft and doesn’t take that much time. Go ahead! - and let us know the resiltat.

I finally installed Mui11 to test with a fastbootrom.
The microphone works fine.
I also noticed two other changes:
The phone displays “4G” instead of “LTE”; the data rates are much better.
So the problem is well related to /e/os.

Any ideas ?