Problems and questions with /e/ gitlab instance

I saw this post

引用Translation of /e/ OS text in different languages?

and wanted to take a look at the /e/ gitlab repository, but I found i’m unable to log in using either my /e/ account or my own gitlab account. Does this mean I have to register another account for /e/ gitlab? I feel we have a bit too much account, since we already have /e/ cloud account and a forum account… This is kinda confusing and messy. @Manoj I suggest merging gitlab account into forum account, or merge /e/ cloud account with forum account, either is good.

And the second question is what’s the point if we can open issues on gitlab, why bother asking here or vice versa?

gitlab is not just gitlab.


Thanks, I guess I’ve understood this, but I still hope there’s an account merge…

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