Translation of /e/ OS text in different languages

One of the long standing demand of users on the forum and in Gitlab has been to translate the text in the OS settings and Apps into their own language.
Keeping this in mind we have initiated a Weblate project. To start with we will have translations in 5 languages

  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Polish
  • Spanish

We have a user who has already volunteered to help with the translation into Polish. He has already completed two components!!

In Weblate the Apps are called Components. So our Apps like Bliss Launcher , Account Manager are all called components in Weblate speak!!

You can see how the documentation will be done by checking on eWiki here all you need is an /e/ Gitlab ID to log in.
If you would like to volunteer to translate into one of these languages please write into to .
This is just for our records…not that you need any approval to help with the translations. If you have an /e/Git ID you can start with the translations. If there are multiple suggestions for the same word , Users can even vote on the correct or best option.
Please share your telegram ID in case you have it so that we can add you to the /e/ Translators telegram Channel. Again it is optional not required if you are not on telegram.
Note: We will be adding more languages to the list based on the number of translators we get for them.


I will volunteer! Giving back what I get here! :heart_decoration:


Hi, what is the all translation process ?

For instance, I just translated 91/92 strings for Apps in French.
What are the steps needed in order to see these translations in the Apps store on my /e/ phone please ?

Is it verified ? By who ? Is it automatic ? Etc

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Still have questions about Weblate and how it works?

Why am I not able to Save directly ?

  • We have opened up the /e/ Weblate url to all users.

  • This will result in multiple users sharing or working on the same language

  • There can be multiple suggestion or duplicates for a single word

  • To resolve this we will review the suggestions

  • Translors can also vote on the suggestions that best translate the word.

  • The suggestions with most votes will be accepted.

Yes I already read that, but thank you.

As written on the site - the translations will be verified by a reviewer Post that it comes into the system. It is not an automatic process. We need a verification process in between to prevent duplicates or an incorrect word being added. The idea is to make users who frequently help with the translation as reviewers.


I’d like to help in translations to Portuguese.

Hi @stelmo, thanks for volunteering to translate into Portuguese.
You can find the details of what needs to be done on the eWiki here

It looks there is not yet a Dutch tranlation set up for the Camera component?

Hi @Edoardo_Regni please can you check now. I have added the Dutch translation.

Hello. Will it be possible to get the OS translated to Danish language?

Hej @Violet_lilly, for /e/ OS there are two options under > Settings > System > Languages & Input > Languages > Add a Language > Dansk : Danmark | Grønland

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Sweet :smiley: I am glad to hearing that.

Hi, I’d be happy to help with the Italian translation :it:

I would like to help translating it to catalan (CA)

Hi @Mateu_MT you can check the documentation here to learn how you can contribute to translate the project.

I can help you translate content into French.


Thanks @NicolasT you can go through the document here for details on how to help with the translation.

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Hi Nicolas,
I haven’t setup my Github profile for translations yet, but noticed that an English word made it into the French translation (where it should not :grinning:).

Do you know where to correct it ?
I hope soon to access to the /e/ translation lab myself.
Kind regards.

This specific issue has already been raised and will be out in the 0.13 (or 0.14 in case of delay) /e/OS version.

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