Proton mail app

Hi @IlarioQ please can you share device and /e/ OS build version details

@Manoj protonmail crashes also on the current testbuild. issue

It is working perfectly on my test build…which is Pie so wanted to check if this is device / OS specific as well.

I tried to install pie, but it didn’t work, the phone turned on but the screen stayed black.

Time to get rid of nougat builds and officially upgrade to the next level…


If it goes… of course.

Can you tell me how you did the update? Before flashing system, dalvik, data and cash should be wiped.

From memory, I didn’t write the following steps but they are the ones written on the site, I did wipe format data (where you have to type YES) then advanced wipe CACHE and SYSTEM then the ADB SIDELOAD procedure.

I followed the procedure described on the site after the TWRP part.

Exactly, because for most devices supported by /e/ OS there are 8-Oero and 9-Pie UNOFFICIAL builds of which work well. For example @Unknown’s

On this basis, the Maintainers of /e/OS Build Team could continue to develop instead of dealing with every little problem with 7-nougat.

I don’t understand, is that the oreo version of /e/ for S2 in the link?

Yes, but “only” a UNOFFICIAL build of 8-Oero for the LeEco Le 2 (X526), by @Unknown. The OFFICIAL build of /e/ OS is still dev (nougat).

By the way: The term of /e/ versions is …
e-0.7-n- = 7-nougat
e-0.7-o- = 8-oreo
e-0.7-p- = 9-pie

Have I been able to express myself in understandable words?

Absolutely! Many thanks!

I got a phone that doesn’t do what I want, might as well try it!

No issues with Protonmail on my Motorola G4 Nougat system.

Me neither on g4, only on leeco s2.

I was able to install build 0.7 o unofficial.
What problems can I have using this build?

@IlarioQ, this question comes after installing the unofficial build? Well, you were brave!
No, seriously, @Unknown says … this build same as official, but no ota updates support. The experience with unofficial builds from @ Unknown shows that they usually work well - only exceptions confirm the rule.

Yes i agree, Though I dont use my protonmail for super crucial emails anyway and I just check once or twice daily. Protonmail team has previously mentioned somewhere I read that yes they are currently using google push service at the moment for notifications until they develop the app further to not need it and can be independent.