Proton mail app

Hello, everyone. I can’t get the protonmail app to work, it always crashes at startup. Does it happen to you too? Thank you.

Hello :slight_smile:

Your topic has already been covered, I invite you to read it to find solutions :

Thanks and sorry for double post.

The next build for /e/ should resolve the issue. Protonmail app is working perfectly on the build we are testing at present. Build has the latest MicroG version. Should be available for all by end of this week.


Perfect! Is very important for my job proton app work fine.

Protonmail doesn’t need microg to work, its working perfectly on a device I have with no microg or play services (just no push notifications)… It just needs either microg or goolag play services for push notifications…


This issue is reported here 5 months ago…


Same issue :frowning:

What device do you use, Leeco s2?

Leeco x526 lhhhhhhhhhhhjjjjjj

You know i have build a Pie version for Leeco x526? here On that build protonmail works, i use it myself :grinning: It has OTA updates also. Feel free to try, be warned your data and cache must be wiped if you want to try it.

Thanks! i try ,…

Hi I installed the rom, the phone turns on (makes a sound) but the screen remains black.

Did you wipe data/ cache?

What is the point having a mail app which does not give any notifications :slight_smile: We already have posts here where users were checking why notification were not received in Protonmail. This issue is resolved with the latest MicroG update which is being tested.

Yes, I followed the guide on the site very carefully.

The problem is not the notifications but the app that goes on crasch at startup.
On the motorola g4 the app and notifications work perfectly.

Even the app version I gave in the other topic I gave above ?