Protonmail notification

Hi, do you have any idea why on the motog4 I receive protonmail notifications and on the leecox526 no? The settings are the same. Thank you

Mhm, that’s crazy, because it’s normal that you want’t get protonmail notifications. Proton needs the original play services for that. I have used proton on 3 differnent devices with e-nougat and I never have gotten any push notification from Proton.
Proton knows about thos issue and is working on a automated time based mail sync like k9 or other email clients

I uninstalled and reinstalled the proton app and it’s working now. I didn’t understand why the first time it didn’t appear in the google cloud messaging list.

Ah, Ok, I don’t use google cloud messaging because I don’t want the Google is able to spy on me and my mails

Well I don’t use it either, otherwise I wouldn’t have gone to /e/ but for work I absolutely need to answer emails right away. Until that protonmail will not decide to break away from GPS I have no alternative.