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I use Total Launcher, a great app IMHO, looks good, works well, very customizable. I regularly get messages asking me to buy the key to support the developer and release further editing features. I would like to do this, but cannot! I tap the message and receive a report saying - no such app. I guess that if I was running regular Android, this would work ok. There is no developer contact details listed with the app info, so is there a way to support the developer financially with /e/?

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Here the web side of the dev https://total-launcher.blogspot.com/?m=1

and his email geek21c@gmail.com

Thank you, I will follow this up. I am still interested to know why links to purchasing apps/keys/additional features etc do not work in /e/…

Well, that didn’t work!!

Sorry, you can buy the key only from Google play store.
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For in app purchasing and licence proof the original goolag services are needed.

But do you really need the advanced features? I think, if the developer is not able to send a licence key like others are doing, he has enough money.

I think you can use it as it is and no need of licence purchasing

I don’t need the further editing features, the app works fine as it is - and the rather blunt reply I received does seem to say the developer has all the financial development needs met.

There does seem to me to still be an issue around using paid versions of some apps when running /e/. Would a developer need to make different arrangements for /e/ users to purchase a key? Is it satisfactory for /e/ users to have to make special/extra efforts to use paid-for apps? I’m just thinking of how /e/ will be accepted and embraced by ‘average’ phone users who, I would suggest, demand convenience above all else.

Or will /e/ never appeal to ‘average’ users? I would say I am an ‘average, non-teccy’ user, but I am concerned enough about privacy to want to pursue a solution like /e/. I hope that /e/ will appeal to, and be able to be used by more and more phone users.

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The dev’s have to develop the app in different way. Normally the licence proof is working with a look into the play store. But eOS will never allow this’look’ and it isn’t working without play services.
Some dev’s are sending you an apk which includes the licence or the app is looking on the device for a licence file (like titanium backup pro). This way will always work. But with this way goolag get not enough user information and fear to get not enough money from the purchase.
But with Android 12 Goolag will change / allow 3rd party stores. So we can hope, that we can buy apps on a way without goolag

Thank you - interesting info…

Hi, I don’t know if it will be OK according to your standards, but I recently managed to buy the Total Launcher Key from the play store on a virtual android machine on my PC thanks to Nox Player and a gmail adress. I had to attach a credit card to the gmail account for 15 minutes.

Then I disconnected the Nox phone from my gmail account (it seemed safer to do so), and in Aurora I put my gmail adress, went though the device connection confirmation process on gmail, went to recent purchases, downloaded and installed the key and voilà!!!
And as suggested somewhere in the forum going back to an anonymous connection in Aurora has been OK after all this.

Truth remains, the free features of Total Launcher are probably about all anyone would really need. :slight_smile:

It appears that it is a lot simpler than that, you can just purcase the app in a browser:
see this post