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I used to have push notifications for a SIP line with a SIP client “Acrobit Groundwire” on a “regular” Android device, but push notification do not work on e/OS. Acrobit’s developers told me it only works with Google services
I found a blog that suggested to use Jami with Ntfy (called Unified Push) to get push notifications with a SIP client, but Jami always tells me “connection error” after a while. The only posts I find about Jami are from people who gave up…
But could I use Ntfy with another SIP client (I don’t really know how it works actually)
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we talked about this before (I think we talk about VoIP across many threads?) at VOIP App on e/OS - #9 by tcecyk - in theory it should work when the device is registered and Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) in microG settings enabled.

I use a proprietary VoIP service that makes use of GCM. Now my phone is very often in do-not-disturb mode, but when it’s on “ringing” I generally do not miss incoming VoIP calls. What I’m trying to say: did you ever test Acrobits on its incoming behaviour yourself after explicitly enabling device registration and GCM (it shoul be enabled by default anyway) ?

I have no experience with ntfy / UP and Jami so can’t add to this. But to answer if you can use it with any client: the client needs to support unified push to do so.

Thank you very much @tcecyk for your answer
Yes indeed VoIP is a main topic for me :slightly_smiling_face:
I remember your already answered about Push Notification, but I mean push notification do not work for Acrobit Groundwire, even with microG enabled
It was confirm to me by one of the Acrobit’s developers that it needs a “regular Android”
Thanks again

While this is true and my own proprietary service provider (Sipgates Satellite) would say the same: microG is handling the GCM push mechanism for you and will make this work for Apps relying on it. That’s the whole point of microG and /e/ integrating it: a layer that lies to the Apps it’s “regular Android”.

Do not rely on the developers plain statement, test and verify.

Where microG will fail you currently is in (in-)App purchases etc, so you might have difficulty aquiring Acrobits app (see threads how to buy apps), but runtime behaviour is another thing.

That statement does not confirm if you have enabled Google Device Registration and Cloud Messaging in microG.
If they are not enabled then do so. A reboot may be required.

  1. If the settings were not already enabled then you may have to clear cache & data of the app (or uninstall/reinstall) for it to register itself for push notifications.
  2. If the settings were already enabled did the app ever prompt to register? Or…
  3. Check to see if the app is listed as registered in microG’s Cloud Messaging section.

Cover all the bases and then one can confirm that it does not work.

I was hoping to test but I see two of their products are paid (a bit too much to part with :grin: ) and one free (Cloud Softphone).
Have you considered any of the FOSS SIP clients like Linphone?

Just installed Cloud Softphone and it registered itself for push notifications. Beyond that no testing.

EDIT: Oops, i just read the old thread about this. Heh, disregard all of the above I guess. :grin:

Thank you very much @marcdw for these precision
I uninstall/reinstall, reboot
I verified that the app registered by itself in microG’s Cloud Messaging section

Then it still does not ring if I try to give a call. However I have a notification then that says I missed a call

I tried both Linphone and BareSIP, but I think they do not offer push notifications, or I still miss the trick

Thanks again

Ah yes, I forgot that the baresip dev has no immediate plans to add push notifications.

As far as Linphone, I have it on several devices. Sent test messages to each, only one had a notification. Then I called them and only that one device rang.
Then I realized, Linphone needs Background mode turned on (shows a notification to keep the app alive).
It was off on all except that one device. Since I don’t really use the app much I didn’t notice.

After half a day I tested again and they all responded immediately when receiving new messages.
Just need to determine battery use in this state.

On my Teracube where Linphone was always in background mode its battery usage has been very low. Haven’t really noticed it.

I suppose baresip operates similarly though I’ve read some complaints about battery usage.

Thank you for these specifications
Linphone offers push notifcations ?
Thanks again

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