Q3 - Samsung S9 Plus Update

Hey everyone,

Sorry to post yet another samsung galaxy post.

However, I was wondering when will it be possible to install /e/ on my S9 plus which is running android 10?
On the device roadmap it states support for S9 plus should be coming Q3 2020.

Also, else where on the site I’ve seen responses that by Sept/Oct it should be possible to install /e/ on an Android 10 device.

So would appreciate an update, as I just bought a secondhand S9 plus a couple of days ago with the intentions of installing /e/ on it.

Thanks in advance

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Hello, welcome in the forum :slight_smile:

maybe this unofficial GSI build will work but each time I talk about a GSI build I’m wrong so wait for a confirmation :yum:

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The problem on Samsung devices is missing fastboot. That’s why I don’t know a way to flash a GSI. Sorry :frowning:

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Hey guys, thank you for getting back to me.

I guess I’ll just have to wait for an update from one of the devs/mods as to when /e/ will be updated for my device. If their previous posts still apply I’m hoping it is still scheduled to be released for the end of October at the latest.

I have you seen this. Could be that it will help you [Custom Build] eOS Q for Samsung S9+ star2lte -- new build Sept. 16th

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Hi Harvey,

Thanks very much for the link. However, after having read through the article and the subsequent guide by kkoo it seems a bit complicated and longwinded. I’d rather just wait to use the /e/ easy installer in all honesty.

I’ve recently started using Linux these last few months on several systems, however I’m not familiar with flashing custom Roms and don’t want to brick my phone in the process of tying to get /e/ to work.

Edit: Actually I guess my main worry would be doing all the above, which would take a while and some learning on my part - Only to run into issues with the unofficial GSI build linked by Anonyme, or to have bugs.

TL; DR: I’d rather wait for the official /e/ OS to become compatible with Android One on my S9 plus :slight_smile:

That almost knocks me off my chair! I can hardly believe to read that a customROM builder like you doesn’t know how to install a Generic System Image (GSI) without fastboot commands …

I know two possibilities: With Ondin3 or Heimdall (more complex method) or with TWRP Recovery (simple method).

:arrow_right_hook: Odin v3.14.4
:arrow_right_hook: Install Heimdall or if you prefer you can Build latest Heimdall suite
:arrow_right_hook: TWRP for star2lte

I’m building roms, not flashing them on all available devices. I’m building and flashing how I have learned a long time a go. I the good old fashioned way. There was no Odin, no heimdal only terminal :wink:
Sorry, I’m not the ‘I know everything guy’

And I only can repeat what I have heard from Samsung users.

We are here on a Android 10 device. Android 10 has a ‘superpartition’. And as far as I have heard from other Android 10 users, you can’t flash a GSI to a system partition with twrp, because TWRP is only showing you the superpartition not the system partition.
I’m happy to know how I can flash a GSI on my bacon and my Xiaomi devices. And I’m also happy when there is a Samsung Android 10 user who will write a HowTo installing a GSI on a Samsung Android 10 device. Because this question will come more often in future

but moment … we are talking about star2lte ?? So @Jem can flash my q-rom and no need for GSI

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As much as I want to use your custom rom - So I can have /e/ on my phone. My only worry is that it’s an unofficial build: :confused:

“The build is untested. So use on own risk”

And even though I’m all for experimenting with Linux distros. I’ve never flashed a custom rom onto Andrid before, so I’d rather be safe than sorry and stick with the /e/ official build for my first time flashing an Andoid rom. Especially as it should (hopefully) be ready by end of October

Devices new and existing being upgraded to Pie or Q - once we have the /e/ Q code ready

  • Devices will be upgraded starting from Q3 2020 and released in batches

That’s OK when you will wait for easy installer and official build … but in the moment the official build is Nougat or OREO, til eOS-Q official will be a long way :frowning:

But I hope when your first flash with easy installer was working you will enjoy flashing and start with Odin flashing. As far as I know, it will work very well. But first let see the official version with easy installer running :slight_smile:

Yes, I also with a Galaxy S9 ‘starlte’ on Android 10 - LOS 17.1 and TWRP 3.4.0-0 are installed. LineageOS 17.1 requires a current stock of Android 10 as installation requirement.

So far I’ve not seen a “super partition”. TWRP 3.4.0-0 shows me following partitions on my S9 ‘starlte’

For an installation demonstration I’ve your eOS-17.1-20200928-UNOFFICIAL-treble_arm64_bvS.img and twrp-3.4.0-0-starlte.img on the microSD card. To install your eOS-17.1 I would have to select ‘System Image’ in TWRP, right?

Looks good.
yes, and be sure to have formatted data

… you have had installed ‘normal’ LOS17.1 on the device. Could be that it has reformatted the superpartition to ‘normal’ layout.

Do you know what does mean « super partition » and what differe with a « normal » partition ?

During Fabuary and March, @ Archje has informed us about, an « android version 10 relativ » new Samsung Bootloader « knoxx protected »

Is it the same thing ?
Is the LOS Recovery has neutralize it ?

Android 10 has only this super partition, it includes all other partitions like system/data/vendor/modem and so on. I will have somewhere on my storage a screenshot from a device with this superpartition.
TWRP will only showing it.

I think it will be something different. have a look here https://www.samsungknox.com/de

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:arrow_right_hook: Implementing Dynamic Partitions

(C) source android com

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Thanks for the links now we understand better.

« super » is a logical partition witch contains some dynamics partitions ( with variables numbers, names, sizes )

With the dynamics partitions, say goodbye to the « error : out of space » when building a system image with many apps for a rom

It is implemented when a device is solded with android 10,
Not if you upgrade an older device. (but you can manage it)

Yes, it’s only on devices which are delivered with Android 10

Long way? I thought it was due to come out Sept/October as Lineage OS have 17.1 compatible with android 10 and /e/ is a fork of lineage…Plus mods/devs e.g. @Anonyme have stated on numerous posts that eOS-Q is due to be released sept/oct.

example eOS-Q - Q3

Thanks very much :blush: I wouldn’t mind learning how to flash the official eOS-Q rom without the easy installer to be honest - As long as the OS worked on android 10 devices; it would be worth the learning curve.

the /e/OS v1.0 release was announced to mars 2019 ?
we are actually at the end of September 2020, using /e/OS v0.11…

Samsung devices are an exception in the supported device list,
you already can use a graphic interface named ODIN on a PC running windows to install TWRP (a custom recovery) on your device, witch is a graphic interface to install alternative android operating systems on your device.

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