Query about trackers

Thanks to your help I bought a Galaxy S8 and installed the app. apk I needed, along with a couple of similar ones. Now I’m installing some other apps from the app store I’m finding that several of them don’t have a very good privacy rating and have some Google trackers. I’m doing my best to avoid installing these, but one I really need has them. What does this mean for the OS, have I just de-de-Googled it, or is it just the app that will be tracked when I use it?

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Install ‘Shelter’ from f-droid and then install the app under the ‘work’ profile you create with Shelter. There should be a thread that explains how to do this for WhatsApp, but it’s the same for any other app with trackers that you may want to ‘isolate’.

Yes, the app will track you and your privacy is gone :frowning: But you can use shelter as @dotcoma has written ([HOWTO] Using WhatsApp under shelter)
But keep in mind, as more apps you will install under shelter as more data will leave your device.

You can or better you should use a tracker blocker like TrackerControl. Here is a long post about it

I am trying TrackerControl and will keep Shelter in mind.

Thankyou both.

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