Questions for a potential buyer

Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a good day!

I am interested in buying the Fairphone 3 with /e/ preinstalled.
However, I have some questions before buying, as I intend to keep this phone for a long time and I rarely buy phones.
I really want this phone as I do not trust at all my current one (Honor 5C, from Huawei), but if the answer to some of those questions are incompatible with my use, I might need to reconsider.

  • Is the phone rooted, and if not, is it easy to root?
  • Is it stable enough for an everyday use (messaging, calls, web, videos)?
  • I am an app developer (with React Native right now), are there any things different from a stock android that will give me trouble for building apps? I can use emulators in last resort but a physical device is always better to test.
  • Will the Fairphone 3 continue to receive updates (security and android versions) a few years from now? My current phone (Honor 5C) is 4 years old and not in the best of shapes in this regard, which it is quite worrying.
  • Which version of Android is installed on the Fairphone 3, and will it be possible to upgrade as new versions roll out?

Thank you for your time, and sorry if this isn’t posted in the right category, I’m new around here.

Hi @Keplyx,

Let me answer the questions asked

The phone is not rooted. You can root it if you want to

The OS is the same as for all devices . We have been using it for a more than a year and it is quite stable. If there are bugs that can be reported and the dev team fixes them

There are some developers on the forum who can answer this question in case they have tried these options

Yes it will receive the latest updates and patches. We have some very old phone which are still receiving updates. As long as patches are available upstream you should receive them on /e/ as well.

FP 3 is on the Pie version of /e/ . The Q version of /e/ is under development and will be ported to FP3 once it is ready. That may be in the last quarter of this year or early next year.


Why do you need root ?? Root is making your phone unsecure and some banking apps won’t work on rooted devices

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Thank you for your very helpful answers. Where can I ask developers about my question on this forum ?

I am studying computer security and I sometimes wanted to install some apps that required root access. I just wanted to know if it was possible to enable/disable root without too much hassle (it is very difficult with my previous phone)

Hello, welcome in the forum :slight_smile:

Root via ADB can be enabled via the developper settings, but no it’s not rooted.
Yes you can easily root it thanks to Magisk, just sideload the zip file via adb or in the recovery (the FP3 doesn’t use TWRP so I don’t know how it works exactly) and you will be able to have root access.

I use /e/ on my daily drive (Galaxy J5 2015) for 9 months and it works fine. Since your phone is sold by /e/, if a bug appears it will be a priority so yes, normally, it should be stable with a good support from the /e/ team.

I’m not an expert here so check what I say, but /e/ shouldn’t be different than LineageOS and LineageOS shouldn’t be different that Android from the AOSP.

Yes the Fairphone 3 is a really interesting device for the e Foundation so it will probably be supported for a long time, updated and upgraded. And /e/ has a partnership withFairphone, which makes the support for this device quite strong.

(I just saw replies has already been given :yum:)

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with magisk you are able to root your device as Anonyme has written. There is also a Uninstaller for Magisk available. So you have always run the via TWRP or the via TWRP. There is no ‘switch’ for switching root on and off.
In developer options is a switch but it won’t unroot your phone. It’s only limit the access of apps or adb to get root access

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Thank you, I knew it wasn’t that easy, but it is still easier than with the Honor 5C, where you have to contact support to unlock the bootloader, which they like to ignore

pls have a look here

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/e/ dev team does not come directly to the forum to answer questions. If there is an issue with the OS create a topic on the forum and you will get answers from users or /e/ team members. If there is a bug you can also raise it on the gitlab.

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You may check if React Native (created by FB) will work with MicroG.

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In addition to that: Fairphone promises 5 years of updates for the FP3. Given their partnership this will benefit /e/ as well, I guess.
And for those who find 5 years of updates unrealistic in the Android world: the Fairphone 2 is about 4.5 years old and a third major version upgrade is in beta right now, so the company actually is capable of long software support.


Didn’t know that, thanks. This is good news as I intend to keep this phone for as long as possible.

Good idea, I’ll try to find more info on that. An other solution would be to install /e/ on an emulator and try to dev on it like I would with an Android Studio emulator. Are there any resources on how to do that?

Well I bought one, just received it today and everything works as I hoped!

I could build my own app and download my favorite ones.

Thanks everyone making this possible!