R Betas for 6T/9P as Daily Drivers?

I saw today that the OnePlus 9 Pro finally has an /e/ build!
I’ve been using Lineage MicroG to bridge the gap while I wait for that to happen, however I see the build is in beta, and that the betas can often have major bugs with them that aren’t yet corrected. I’m wondering if anyone has used the R build for the 9P (or 6T, my backup device) and can provide some insight into how they run.
I’ve been wanting to test if a Lineage Seedvault backup can be restored on an /e/ device, so I may install on at least the 6T regardless, but if I could get a sense of other people’s feeling’s on it that would be great!

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I’m using a OnePlus 8T, which I understand isn’t your exact device, but it is one of their new beta devices as well.

I had a weird glitch where the background didn’t change properly and it caused my apps to get spit out of their folders, but a quick restart fixed the background and I haven’t had that problem again. Other than this, I haven’t had another problem.

I don’t know anything about the Seedvault bit though. Sorry.

Thanks for the reply. I did pull the trigger on the 6T, thus far it seems like it takes a while to boot but that’s about it. No option to restore a Seedvault backup though.

All /e/OS ROMs are currently described as ‘beta’. Many people - including me - are using /e/OS in our Daily Drivers, on a wide variety of devices. I suggest that you give it a try, and I suspect you will be pleasantly surprised :slight_smile:

SeedVault is currently present in the /e/OS ROMs, but it is not enabled in the UI. The post linked below explains how SeedVault can be started using adb (It describes how to make and restore backups). Certainly worth giving it a try with your LOS backup.

Ah. OK then, I guess I was a little confused by the warning on the Smartphone Selector page that indicates anything labelled beta means “known and significant bugs.” Would you say an /e/ beta build is on par with a LineageOS w/ MicroG build?

I am thus far very impressed with /e/'s Android 11 implementation on the 6T, thus far only seems to be a little slow to boot up. I may make the switch on my 9P unless I see something I really don’t like or someone here warns me not to.

Yes, except that /e/ ship their own fork of MicroG, which does not have the EN Framework installed by default, and will always be behind lineageOS4microg which ships the official Microg from upstream.

Also, l4m have F-Droid and Aurora Store pre-installed as privileged apps, whereas /e/OS only has their own Apps store, which is not as mature, does not carry all the apps that are accessible via Aurora, and gets its .apks from a website that nobody knows anything about.

Nothing to stop you installing F-Droid and Aurora Store, but they won’t be privileged apps so app updates won’t be automatic.

Having said that, /e/OS is definitely “good enough” for a Daily Drivers