Rainloop plugin on ecloud to be replaced by NextCloud mail plugin

Hi - due to several issues with the Rainloop plugin at ecloud.global, we’re going to replace it by the NextCloud mail plugin. The migration should be transparent unless you are using PGP encryption with Rainloop.

If are using PGP encryption with rainloop, you can contact us (any way, with a clear subject) and we will provide useful information and support for this.

When is it going to happen?
If not using PGP, will we see or feel any difference? Thanks!

I suppose that the interface on the website will change, but if you are using another client or application with IMAP nothing will happen.

One big effort it has, you will be able to integrade your other IMAP accounts. I’m using that plugin since years and i have access to all my IMAP accounts (not proton mail) with it. One common Inbox for all accounts. Same as on android mail app :smiley: