Random crashing on FP3+


I recently ordered FP3+ through /e/ eshop. I am overall content with the OS and the phone itself. But there’s one inconvenience - the phone randomly shuts down. I cant tell the specific situation but my guess is when I use Spotify+Maps with navigation and very few (Signal or email client) apps running on background. I dont overload the OS with many apps running, so its kinda weird.

I would gladly provide more info but I dont know what would help to resolve the issue. I am Android noob in that respect so I will be very happy for any hint/help.



thank you for your purchase and sorry for the issue you are facing.

What kind of shutdown ? It automatically reboots ? Or it really shutdowns and you have to long press on the power button to turn it on ?

You can try to use your FP3+ in Safe Mode for a few hours in order to see if the shutdown still occurs.

It would be interesting to have a bug report please. You can see how to generate a bug report in this HOWTO (it shows Android 8 and you are on Android 10 so some paths might be slightly different).

Then you can upload the generated zip file here, I will submit it to the team.

If you don’t feel comfortable in doing so, just don’t do it, it’s not an obligation.

Have a nice day !


thanks for the reply. It seems to shutdown completely, but I can’t even turn it on via button, I have to take out battery and put it back in.

I’ve read in other threads that battery optimization can cause some troubles. So I tried turning it off and now it doesn’t randomly crash.

If it still does, I’ll try the steps you’ve proposed.

Thank you very much, I really appreciate it. Have a nice day.

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Hi @Anonyme,

so the shutdowns persisted unfortunately. I followed the steps you hinted, it crashed even in safe mode when I enable networks. And that’s what I think is the cause of the problem - I have two SIMs in the phone. The crash didn’t occur while on wifi. If I switch to LTE connection there it is again.

I uploaded the bug report so I hope it will be helpful. Now I’ll try use the phone for a longer time with only one SIM plugged in. If it crashes, I’ll update you on that.

If you can come up with temporary workaround I would be glad. I use only one SIM for data, the other one mostly for calls. But I guess it won’t be that easy right… :slight_smile:


so just an update for my continuous problem. I am daily driving with one SIM and it works perfectly. It really is defecting while being on mobile data with two SIMs on. So just to be clear my experience:

2 SIMs - mobile data: shutting down randomly
2 SIMs - wifi: working correctly
1 SIM - either mobile data or wifi: working correctly

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Hi there,
Same problems here, sorry.
FP3+ /e/ (purchased one week ago) randomly shuts off. (Nothing fancy about the phone : just one SIM, one SD card)
No other way to regain control than removing the battery and rebooting.
Happened twice today, for example, and the day is not over… I keep collecting bug reports after every reboot :slight_smile:
Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.

SD card as Internal Storage or external storage?
Incorporating it into Internal Storage is a proven cause for trouble.


Same for me on a FP3 on which I have the OS 0.11.

It turn off randomly and can not be swith on except if I remove the battery. It occurs twice this afternoon, don’t know why.
Two sim cards, no SD, only on LTE.

Thanks for replying.
I must confess I dunno… Not familiar with Androïd (I come from an Ubuntu phone).
But how do I check ? (I just plugged the SD card before first power up of the phone, was asked to format it, and that’s it)
For the moment, I do not use it cause the phone has lots of memory, so I can remove it and see what happens with the crashes.
Thanks for the tip.

Hi, update here:

the last update (0.13) on FP3+ seems like a solution to my problem. Thanks for that. I have all of the slots filled (sim1, sim2, sd card), running LTE whole time and so far so good.


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When you open the Files App and open the menu at the top left, I think the SD card would be shown as a seperate item you could browse if it was external, it shouldn’t show up if it was internal (and the FP3 storage capacity should be the sum of 32 64 GB + SD card then).
Else this should be visible in Settings - Storage, an external SD card would be reported as “Portable Storage” there.

I think, the FP3 has 64 GB internal memory.


You’re right, thanks, corrected.
The 32 got stuck in my head from somewhere else.

Thanks AnotherElk
It was indeed in external storage. However, I took the opportunity of a crash :unamused: to remove the SD card (it was not used for the moment). But it didn’t change anything and I still experiment random crashes…
As radim91 (thank you for the info) seems to be happy with the latest update, I’m presently installing it, and I’ll keep you posted of the results.
Thanks everybody for the help.

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I have a similar problem. After shuting down my FP3.
I cannot restart it. I have to remove the battery and put it in: After that it is working again.
I use two sim cards and no SD card.
My software Version is 0.13-2020121490323
Does it help to deactivate battery safety mode? Where can do that?
Any other suggestions?

For your information, here is Fairphone talking about this issue:

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Just a little follow-up : I did the latest update (software version 0.13-2020121490323). Living with it for one month now, I still experiment random crashes, one per day on the average. No random reboot as stated by Fairphone, just a random shutdown and poweroff on its own.
But the difference with the previous OS version is that I can reboot without removing the battery. I “just” need to hold down the power button for 10/15 seconds, and the phone reboots…
Still puzzled, since everybody experiencing such problems reports different behaviours…

Did anyone try going back to the Fairphone OS to check, if it is a hardware or software problem? I am having the same problem on /e/ but I don’t remember it happening on Fairphone OS. But I didn’t check carefully enough.

I just installed FP OS for testing purposes. It happens with the original OS too, I would even say, it crashed even more often than with /e/. I wrote to FP, to check if it is hardware or software issue.


Thanks k2022 for testing this on FP OS. Was afraid to do this…
And on the latest update (/e/ 0.14-2021012999010), it still happens, with the same random rhythm.
But is it linked to this identified bug ?