Re-opening: Issues with Spotify on 1.15 stable & 1.16 dev

Hi there,

I’m re-opening the thread Issues with Spotify on 1.15 stable & 1.16 dev since, at least for me, this problem has not been resolved. I’m still experiencing the problems @cyril.paulin and other users have stated, the most important one being the frozen Spotify lockscreen widget.

In Dec @cyril.paulin posted the following questions, which I wanted to answer to. Perhaps others would like to, too:

1/ Anyone tested spotify on another type of device? I have a similar type of issues with spotify on linux with bluetooth devices.
2/ has anyone opened an issue with Spotify?
3/ does anyone using other music streaming services (deezer and the likes) on mur/e/na encounters similar issues?

1/ Spotify works fine on my ipad, on my laptop running windows, and on my husbands phone running iodé.
2/ I have not yet.
3/ I also use Amazon Prime, which works fine on the lock screen.

I conclude that this is a problem concerning particularly Spotify AND /e/OS.

Any updates/news/still similar problems/ideas on how to fix this anyone?



Since the last update(s) Spotify is not working properly and up to now there’s no apparent solution. This is particularly annoying when it comes to skipping songs and start/stopping music on a Bluetooth headset. It just doesn’t work. My workaround was to restart my mobile and that did work. Annoying but it works.
Another workaround I just discovered is to force stop Spotify, delete Spotify’s cache and restart it. It does the same without having to restart the whole system.
I guess this is our best shot until a proper solution is found :thinking: