Received my first notification for an /e/-OS system update ... safe to apply? Is there info on what's included?

I am on a Galaxy S7-edge (hero2lte), one of the refurbished, pre-/e/-installed phones. I received my first OS-system update notification last week … just now I noticed that a 2nd update became available a few days later, too.

I have not yet applied either update. Are there any caveats or concerns about installing system updates? Are they reasonably safe to apply immediately upon notification, or might they be buggy? Are these updates device-specific, or are they /e/-system-wide updates? Is there a bullet-list of included bug-fixes and updates somewhere?

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The system updates will include bug fixes , security patches and is safe and should be run on the phone. The ephone’s have stable builds which are released only when the same build has been tested as part of the dev updates. The dev updates are the standard builds that go out every 2 -3 days on user phones. Only the refurbished phones receive stable builds as of now.
We have a changelog of what comes in the dev builds on the wiki. Will check and update if there is a similar posting available on the wiki for stable build changelogs.


Updates applied, no issues. Thanks.

Just to ask, I have 3 updates available. I should delete the oldest, and then apply BOTH of the ones I am able to Download, or just the most recent one?

Install the latest one from the list.

And delete / ignore the others ones? If so - just as a bit of feedback I think making the update process more fool-proof, by just showing the one update that needs to be applied, would be sensible

You can delete it (and even activate auto-delete after each update in the 3dots on the top right),otherwise the update file will be kept.

“Only the refurbished phones receive stable builds as of now.”

Will it change? I use a FP3 but installed EOS on my own. Couldn’t I receive only stable updates since you test it on FP3 anyway? I am always very nervous updating EOS.

Just gave it a seccond try to update to 0.13 and it failed (same with 0.12).

I’m in the same boat: Fairphone 3, installed /e/ myself.
(currently Android 9, /e/ 0.11)
I got an email recommending I update to /e/ 0.13. I’ve read posts in various areas of this forum trying to find information on making a backup, and how to use the backup to restore, and it all sounds incredibly complicated, partly because there are so many terms I am not familiar with and expressions I don’t understand.

But here it sounds like updating isn’t currently an option for me. I’ll watch for replies here to see if this changes.

@Autodidax @emc If you want to be on the stable build, install /e/OS with the Easy Installer.
It will install Android 10 and it will be a clean install, data will be wiped.

Thanks, will give it a try.

I followed that link, and it says of Easy Installer:
“In its current version the tool works on the Linux and Windows OS

Does that mean it won’t work on a Macbook Air?
I do have a virtual machine running Windows, but it’s XP Pro (3), so that may well also not work.

Currently this is the case, you can follow efforts for macOS here …

While the EXE file to install the Easy Installer is 32-bit, the Easy Installer itself needs a 64-bit OS to run, so your XP would have to be the not so common XP 64-bit version to even try running the Easy Installer … Impossible to use easy-installer on 32-bit windows 7.

Thank you for the information, and for the link to follow developments!
My WinXP is indeed 32-bit, so that won’t work.

I just want to be completely sure on the above. Here is my system updates screen:

I only need to install the most recent update, when this kind of thing happens?

Or should I install the older update first, and then the newer update?

Hi @Aloha109,
This sound like almost identical to:

So I would imagine the answer would be the same as in:

But if you are uncertain please wait for a more informed response from a more experienced user. I am quite new to /e/ myself :blush:

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Always install the latest update. It would have the fixes from previous builds.


I see there is a new e-0.16-o-20210505112607. Does it replace previous (buggy?) e-0.16-o-20210416110846 ? Any problem if I stay with first version ?