Received my first notification for an /e/-OS system update ... safe to apply? Is there info on what's included?

I am on a Galaxy S7-edge (hero2lte), one of the refurbished, pre-/e/-installed phones. I received my first OS-system update notification last week … just now I noticed that a 2nd update became available a few days later, too.

I have not yet applied either update. Are there any caveats or concerns about installing system updates? Are they reasonably safe to apply immediately upon notification, or might they be buggy? Are these updates device-specific, or are they /e/-system-wide updates? Is there a bullet-list of included bug-fixes and updates somewhere?

Thanx muchly,

The system updates will include bug fixes , security patches and is safe and should be run on the phone. The ephone’s have stable builds which are released only when the same build has been tested as part of the dev updates. The dev updates are the standard builds that go out every 2 -3 days on user phones. Only the refurbished phones receive stable builds as of now.
We have a changelog of what comes in the dev builds on the wiki. Will check and update if there is a similar posting available on the wiki for stable build changelogs.


Updates applied, no issues. Thanks.